Fairy-tale wedding in Veneto: romantic villages and castles

Fairy-tale wedding in Veneto: romantic villages and castles

Since Adrian asked me to marry, I think about our wedding every single day. Usually, I dream about it before falling asleep. At work, I always tell to my best friend my idyllic ideas regarding the wedding. We’ve known each other for a lifetime and she will be my wedding witness. Actually, her Italian origins ispired us for the choiche of the wedding location. We will get married in Italy, in the region of Veneto. In which structure? We haven’t decided it yet. But one thing is certain: we want to get married in a castle, near a small medieval village. I have always dreamed of being a princess and marrying my prince, as in a fairy tale of another era.

Thus, we are going for a short but intense tour of the most beautiful villages of Italy in the Veneto region. We are going to have a full weekend to visit the best locations. We are leving tomorrow.

First stop: medieval villages on the Euganean Hills

Our first stop is a place near Padua; we’re going to the Euganean Hills. The green colour of these gentle slopes reminds me of my beloved moor and I already feel at ease. Lots of small historic villages are everywhere on these hills. We visit some of them, including the picturesque Arquà Petrarca, Battaglia Terme and the Roman village of Cittadella, wiche has a particular round plant. Walking among ancient villages and around the town’s walls, I feel like a lady with my knight.

Thanks to the second stop in the Padua area, we discover the medieval San Pelagio Castle; now, I understand why even D’Annunzio fell in love with it. Its hot air balloon room enchants us. I can already see all our guests sitting there while celebrating with us. Then, we cross the historic botanical garden, surrounded by the endless varieties of flowers. We have fun in the labyrinths and discover a romantic pond. We take a selfie… maybe, in a few months, we’ll shoot another one right here, but with wedding rings on our finger!

Second stop: road to the lovers’ village

Despite my love at first sight, our tour continues. On the way to Verona, we admire the magical Bevilacqua Castle. Its timeless beauty leaves me speechless. The salons, the frescos, the gardens … I feel that here our dream could become truht!

However Marco, our expert mentor, tells us that the best is yet to come. Other fascinating villages and castles await us. In fact, we walk through the streets of Soave, wich is dominated by the homonymous castle. Then, we conclude the first part of our tour in Valeggio and Borghetto sul Mincio. In these two villages of Lombard origin, the protagonists are both its fascinating historicity and the beauty of Garda Lake. In Borghetto, the romantic water mills of the houses overlooking the Mincio river steal my heart.

Third stop: the legends of Marostica

The following days, we move towards Vicenza and we go to Marostica. We walk along the promenade that joins its two castles, while enjoying the breathtaking view and listening to Marco,who tells us about the tradition of the living checkers. And of course, we can’t help but taste the delicious cherries produced here. Their delicate flavor conquers my palate and if I close my eyes, I can already taste our wedding cake.

Even if our ideas start to become clearer now and we have just identified a couple of right locations for the wedding, our tour goes on. We approach the Dolomites and some areas between Treviso and Belluno donate us some new ideas…

Fourth stop: enchanted villages and fairytale castles near Treviso

I think I’ll never forget the view from the fortress of Asolo. We ask Marco to stop in this village hidden among the vineyards for a while. We walk under the porticoes, we visit the cathedral and its frescoes and we enjoy the view from the castle, drinking a glass of excellent Prosecco wine. Everything is simply perfect.

Lastly, we continue to Follina. The ancient Abbey of Santa Maria, originally a Benedictine monastery, seduces us with its cloisters and internal garden. Marco takes us some pictures while I imagine loads of white decorations all around us, on the most important day of our lives. We continue towards another beautiful and ancient towns of Italy, Cison di Valmarino. While we visit it, I can’t help but notice an amazing casle in the distance. Marco confesses us that we are headed right there in a few minutes. Castel Brando turns out to be a modern fairy tale: I already imagine myself dancing with my future husband in the romantic courtyard of the castle … emotions give me goose bumps.

Our fairytale wedding becomes truth!

At the airport, Adrian and I continue to talk about all the fantastic locations admired in the last days. We have been strucked by different details but now we both know which location is the right onefor our wedding. We immediately understood it, as soon as we saw it. Now, we just have to write the address on the invitations and send them to our family and friends! It will be a fairytale wedding, as we’ve always dreamed of.

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