Falisia luxury Resort & Spa, charming romanticism in Portopiccolo

Falisia luxury Resort & Spa, charming romanticism in Portopiccolo

Falisia Luxury Resort & Spa Portopiccolo, the beating heart of Trieste

Falisia Luxury resort & spa viewLuxury residences reflected on the Adriatic waters, a seashore of gold sand, a shopping street filled with design botiques, lounge bars and elegant gourmet restaurant.

Portofino Sistiana is a luxury masterpiece in the heart of the Gulf of Trieste, the highpoint of the city’s romantic tourism excellence.

The Falisia Resort & Spa, part of the Luxury Hotel Collection, is the main protagonist of this magic place, the perfect union of deluxe elegance and tradition, which mirrors Trieste’s inner soul and its many multicultural undertones.

Key word: smart charm

Falisia Luxury resort & Spa terrace

Here we have already told you all about the reasons why the Falisia Resort is without any doubt the best destination for anyone who is looking for some days of relax and wellness.

Waking up surrounded by the ocean breeze in one of the exclusive suite overlooking the sea, a delicious dinner at the “Cliff” restaurant, an entire afternoon of fitness and wellness, the Falisia Resort offers to all its guests only its best options.

Falisia luxury resort & Spa relax space

How can we not mention  the infinity pool overlooking the Adriatic and the most exclusive beach club of the coast! On top of all, from April 2017,a new Beauty Spa will open alongside the wellness center, completed with inner and open air swimming pools and steam rooms.

Falisia luxury Resort & spa Club

For who is looking for adventure, for who wants to get away from the unhealthy routine of the city, for who desires to breath the ocean breeze and feel the warmth of the sun, for who prefers to indulge in some shopping, for who simply wants to fully enjoy Friuli Venezia Giulia: there isn’t a single desire or wish that can’t be fufilled.

Trieste, a breathtaking natural frame

Miramare Castle

Trieste, multicultural city of ancient history of exchange and debate, of crystal clear sea and centennial tradition, of James Joyce, Italo Svevo and Umberto Saba. City of the beautiful Miramare Castle, of literary cafè and good cuisine, place of a cultural heritage of inestimable value,bewteen many theatres and museums.

This is where the Falisia Resort stands, able to enjoy all the beauty, all the art and the history that Trieste has to offer to our territory.