Something unique – When Cinema teaches us

Something unique – When Cinema teaches us

Films about wedding: when Cinema teaches us to recall traditions. In the right way.

One of directors favorite theme is definitely the wedding: big, fat and greek, fleeing brides, “killer” brides, dramatic bouquet launches, wedding parties with no happy ending.

But we all know, this is CINEMA; imaginative, “science fiction”, but this doesn’t mean that is impossible to take it as a starting point for “the best day of your life“.

Especially when it meets with tradition.

One of the oldest and most followed practice is the English rhyme that wants something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue for the bride on her wedding day.

And a 6 pence coin in her shoe.
I don’t know if this is possible; both for the currency and for the shoe.
“Something old, something new.
Something borrowed, something blue.
And a silver sixpence in your shoe.”

SOMETHING OLD – (from the movieMonster in law”)

films about weddingNo, I don’t mean the mother of your future husband.
Wearing a jewel belonged to your grandmother, rather than a tiara or a veil, or bring a few pieces of your mother’s wedding dress sewn inside your dress, symbolizes the importance of family ties, which certainly survives , even stronger.

In the movie Jennifer Lopez wears a pair of long gloves and a beautiful flower, both in satin. Very vintage.

SOMETHING NEW – (from the movie “Mamma mia!”)

film about weddingGreek, again, but this time at a reduced fat content; this is the Meryl Streep’s daughter’s wedding on musical “Mamma Mia!”.
An old and white church overlooking the sea and an outdoor wedding party, under a starry sky, in the wonderful greek island named Skópelos.
According to tradition, that “something new” is the optimism and confidence in the future, and can be carried in form of a new jewel, a new perfume or a new lipstick to wear on “that” special day.

I think that even the choice of a “new”, charming and unconventional location, can be a good idea.

SOMETHING BORROWED – (from the movie “My best friend’s wedding”)

films about weddingWearing or having something borrowed; it means that happiness will be attracted to you through something that belongs to someone else who’s happy (according to tradition: HAPPY = happily married).
Ok, in “My Best Friend’s Wedding” movie, that “thing” was Julia Roberts, -in love- groom’s best friend, and in fact “lended” as bridesmaid to the future bride.
We all know how it ends.
So, please, limit yourself to have a necklace, a pair of earrings or something to put in your hair.

SOMETHING BLUE – (from the movie “Sex & the City”)

films about weddingA symbol of fidelity and purity for ancient Israel; the color blue can be easily and pleasantly mixed into a bridal look.
Well known from our Carrie, that in first Sex and the City movie is getting married not once, but twice (almost).
Unfortunately the elegant blue feather that decorates her hairstyle didn’t carry the hoped for good fortune. But with her beautiful BLUE Manolo (Blahnik) at her feet, she finally succeed in her mission to put Mr. Big’s head in the right place.something unique films about wedding

Giorgia Roccabella