Flowers – and floral designer – talk about love

Flowers – and floral designer – talk about love

Spring comes alive in the experienced hands of the floral designer Patrizia di Braida

Floral designer

The fields shine with pastel coulored hues, the buds lose their wintry shyness and the countryside goes back to green.

Stubborn and indipendent, in love with the summery sun but also with the crispy wintery breeze, always ahead of time but never enough, earth’s caring mother but clouds’ fickle sister: Spring has finally come, and with her new colours and fragances to discover in the springy arrangements of every capable floral designer!

Every flower has its own words of love

Floral Designer

Spring is the rebirth of Nature, but also the rebirth of human soul. The spirit of Spring covers everything, and as the flowers come back in the endless fields, so the sweetest acts of love do: a bunch of violets, a bouquet of roses… flowers have always been the main protagonist of the most beautiful love declarations, secretly wispered between one petal and the other.

Let’s see the floral meaning of the main flowers of the Spring.

A sweet perfumed  I love you …

Floral Designer

The Primerose

Right at the top we found the Primerose, flower of hope and good luck, but mostly a “prime” flower. In fact, as its name suggests, the Primerose is the first flower to challenge the wintery hearth, bringing to life new  colours and emotions.

Floral designer

The Narcissus 

Many are the meanings of this elegant flower, which fearlessly fills the air with its frangance already at the begging of March. Beauty, fecundity, afterlife, eternal love… the narcissus is like a thousand words gathered in white springy petals.

Floral designer The Camellia

We must finish our list with the Camellia, symbol of every vow of devoted love. With plump and full petals, the Camellia’s rounded shape evokes love eternity at its best: devotion, passion, solace, desire.

The bouquet that speaks about you: Patrizia di Braida’s creations

Floral designer

Delicate, thouching in their semplicity, beautiful just because a little fragile: every flower is able to tell the story of your love in a way that anything in Nature can achive, and because of this they need extreme concentration while they are being choosen to be part of your wedding day.

No one is more fitted for this task than the floral designer, expert of the floral language and blessed with an artistic soul.

This definitely applies to Patrizia di Braida, a superb floral designer which selects the perfect bouquet for every bride with unlimited love and careShapes, colours, textures and decorations will be costum-made for every young woman ready for her new married life.