Flower girls and ring bearers: the best how-to guide

Flower girls and ring bearers: the best how-to guide

Nice boys, stunning babies, wonderful little girls, amazing children dressed in elegant gowns suddenly call to my mind the splendors of past centuries and the elegance of royalty because they represents the prerogative of a dreaming royal wedding. And, you know, noblesse oblige. So, every bride keen on aristocracy dreams an elegant wedding with little bridesmaids for the veil, a consistent number of flower girls for the flowers down the isle and little boys as ring bearers and pageboys.

In this case, what you need is the correct approach and ideas to successfully manage everything and prepare children to this extremely important (for you) task!

RULE #1: Tailor-made gown

Less is more, even in this case. No exception admitted. Children, flower girls, ring bearer, little bridesmaids needs to be dressed “the right way”, to be tasked with “the right effort”, to be responsible for “the right quality”.

For this express rule, what you have to avoid for them is uncomfortable dresses, too much stretchy or too much difficult to fit, and obviously prickly zips

Simplicity is the answer to reach your personal wedding success in terms of pageboys and flower girls. This means that you have to take into consideration and to respect the role and the age of each baby involved.

For girls, the right dress choice is a simple and candid imperial style dress to let the girl free to move. In order to get a sophisticated touch, you can easily play with details: an elegant band in satin or organza chosen in the same color of the wedding theme will be perfect, as a delicate headband or a bow will be the right accessory to be easily dressed and, eventually, removed. Severely avoid any kind of sophisticated hairstyle, headdress and thick braids irritating for the scalp.

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The same precaution for boys: do not wrap them into dresses similar to the groom suit, they are still young and… still free! And it is necessary to avoid any kind of stress, complaints, tears, punches and un-educated movements. They are definitely “too much” even more for a wedding! A total white shirt in cotton or linen, a nice pair of shorts or trousers (depending on the season) with an elastic band on waist will be perfectly fit for the occasion. If you like to add a hint of elegance to the pageboys livery, you can choose a ton-sur-ton gilet. Stop.

RULE #2: Elementary Tasks

Thank goodness, children are the most ingenuous and curious persons in the world.

So that, they are often interested in everything without the right maturity level to manage it. Then, during your wedding time, you have to reduce (better to zero!) every possible hazard, risks, criticality, especially with children.

Do not overtask pageboys and flower girls: you brig rings AND move the chair, or, you carry the veil AND hold the bouquet. NO. The lexical conjuction “AND” doesn’t work with children because, in their childish lexicon, it is equivalent to a relished invitation for the total chaos!

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My suggestions is to task each boy or girl with just one task only. If possible, during the days before your event, try to train children to their role and task, playing as “general rehearsal” of that day. It’s like a game for them, remember it!

RULE #3: Pre-defined Roles and Fast Switch

The last second RolePlay and RoleSwitch with children “under 8” is the prelude to a failure. Remember also this thing.

If, unexpectedly, a ring bearer got the flu just 2 hour before the wedding or you discover that one of the little bridesmaid is too shy for walking down the isle, STOP. Put your best smile on and say “Thank you” anyway to the little girl and… run to take your remedial actions!

The same suggestion above. If you have to change a child, first of all keep calm and thin out the less essential role for the ceremony. Having a replacement for the ring bearer with a flower girl is rather better than enrolling 8 flower girls spreading petals with none as ring bearer!

Be careful to adopt this suggestion: the “switching role” child will always be the older baby of the group. With your best smile and with joy, you will teach the child to switch his/her role, explaining the reason why it is necessary, the higher responsibility of the new task and your happiness for your new choice.

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RULE #4: No Panic!

First of all, your wedding is about love and Love always wins. Sometimes small or big accidents can come. Therefore, the ability to solve the situation only depends on the quantity of love and comprehension you will use to adapt your needs with contingency. This is the secret, finally. And, perhaps, it is a precious secret applicable to each moment of your life.

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