The “fuseruola”: pledge of love of Umbria region handicraft, interview to Anna Barola

The “fuseruola”: pledge of love of Umbria region handicraft, interview to Anna Barola
Le fuseruole di Anna Barola

Anna’s “fuseruola”

An object of handicraft to  declare one’s love. The handicraft in the Umbria region has a thousand-year tradition.

Since the Middle Ages in the Umbria region  artisans workshops were set up all around villages, mainly near churches and castles, some of which are still open today. Artisans are still producing  ceramics , wrought iron, wood, textiles, copper works.

The tradition of the Umbria region  includes small and colorful  disc shaped objects, perforated  in the middle.  It seems they date back to the Neolithic and have a fascinating history and still relevant: they are called “fuseruole”. In antiquity they were probably used to balance the spindle during the spinning work;  they  was and today are still used also as an accessory for textiles, curtains , doilies, tablecloths .

In the XIV century they became a pledge of love, with phrases of good luck and virtues of the beloved and they were donated with the spindle to the bride. They have the initials or the entire name or  the nickname of the woman beloved.

We interviewed the artisan Anna Barola , owner of a small workshop in the center of Perugia. All her creations are handmade and she spends her time also to planning embroidery and lace courses for amateurs, to keep alive her knowledge of handicraft. Anna realizes fuseruole as a ornament, but also as jewellery.

Anna, your craftsmanship comes from a family tradition, or is the result of years of practice at many workshops?

My experience comes from a family tradition, but certainly 13 years in workshop helped me to deepen and experience many handicraft techniques.
What are the products we find in your lab ?

My lab was created as embroidery workshop, but now I offer ,among my products, furniture components such as lamps, boxes, fuseruole as well as the traditional textiles for the trousseau.

What is the modern use of the “fuseruole” in addition of the use for the trousseau?

The “fuseruole” now are also  precious jewelry handmade following the ancient tradition of the local pottery.

The “fuseruole” as pledge of love. Why would you suggest them as a gift by a husband, boyfriend to his beloved ?

The “fuseruola” can be customized, it’s cheap, but above all it’s unique as your loved one!

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Address: C/so Cavour, 167 Perugia

 Phone: (+39) 348.85.85.347


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