Green wedding

Green wedding

Cheap inspirations for  a green wedding

 Spring is the time of sunny days, which start to come back brighter than ever, of flowers, which begin their thriving blooming; it’s the time of … weddings.

This wonderful season, that lasts from March to June, gathers an high level of brides-to -be who choose to enjoy the warmth of the sun on a day they will surely always remember.

 Therefore, whenever we talk about spring, it’s only fair to think of green as the prevalent colour. Green like the leaves, green like the buds and like almost everything else in Nature.

To plan and arrange a green wedding there’s no need to have a green thumb: there are many interesting inspirations, from the wedding dress to the place cards, ready to catch all  your attention (and time!). However, be careful with any allergy!

Floral dress

green wedding
“Zoral” design by Elisabetta Polignano

green wedding“Wakame” design by Elisabetta Polignano

Flowers in the hair

The colour assortment of Elisabetta Polignano’s wedding dress collection is a bright colour palette, whose shades seems to belong to an unknown dreamland or to the bright and vivid realm of Nature. Her designs are astonishingly unique, but at the same time very modern and symmetrical.

green wedding

If instead you don’t feel like taking such risk with your weeding dress, and you prefer to go for the traditional, white one, then you can have some fun with your hair; you can choose many different styles, from floral braids to romantic tiaras  for a little bit of bohemian touch.

Green decor & sweetnesses

green wedding Customized invitations by Studio Alispi

green wedding

The portrait of petals and leaves launched on Instragram by Justina Blakeney could be the perfect idea to decorate all the tables of your reception in an original and not so predictable way.

greenAlmond flavoured “confetti” candies in numerous shades of Buratti green

Green location for green wedding

green wedding: green locations

green locations: green weddingWedding destination by Vecchio Podere Spazio Eventi

A crucial component of every green wedding is the location: forget all about enclosed spaces and unleash your imagination!
Embellished gazebos, small and shabby chich styled open-air lounges; you can make everything feel like a floral triumph, from the guests’ chairs to the place cards and why not, even the cake!

Within such green framework, we are sure you won’t have any problem arranging your bouquet!