Halloween Wedding in Tuscany

Halloween Wedding in Tuscany

An original option for a special day is definitely choose to celebrate your Halloween wedding.

halloween wedding
Dispelling the myth of the American tradition: Halloween is a festival of European origins. In fact, it was exported to America by Irish immigrants, descendants of the Celtic people.
Otherwise the commercial and macabre meaning attributed to it, Halloween is simply the feast of the end of summer. Later he took a meaning related to the themes of death and fear.

One way to exorcise this modern perception is precisely to make this festival a special day.

And then, let’s face it, the long weekends are the best occasions to gather all the relatives and friends to a unique party.
In Italy they always celebrate these feasts:
in Veneto and Friuli Venezia Giulia (lumère, suche baruche);
Calabria (Coccalu of muortu);
in Puglia (fucacost);
in Sardinia (Is animeddas).
We of Love me in Italy have chosen Tuscany as a wedding destination for your Halloween wedding.

The advice for a Halloween wedding in Tuscany

Tuscany, with its medieval landscapes and its lonely hills, is particularly suitable to create a suitable setting for a Halloween wedding.


Not surprisingly, one of the most popular love stories “horror” of those years, was shot in Tuscany. We talk about the movie New Moon: the kisses between the vampire Edward and human Bella were often portrayed in the medieval village of Montepulciano.
The perfect location for your wedding on Halloween, then, would be:
a castle, has always set stories related to Halloween;

a winery, which offers an environment with exposed brick walls, oak barrels and great blood red wines;

a period villa, perhaps a Renaissance villa with adjoining park (nature autumn is one of the show shades between orange and black which will give a unique touch to your wedding).
Dress, bouquet, wedding favors, table cloths and wedding cake should, strictly, be in line with the theme of the party, without falling into banality.
Gardening just small details in lace or tulle, black or orange.
Add them to enrich and personalize your event and make lasting one day so valuable for you and your guests.