Handicraft in Lazio region: interview to the goldsmith Cristiana Perali

Handicraft in Lazio region: interview to the goldsmith Cristiana Perali

jewelry Cristiana Perali

Lazio region has a unique cultural and historical heritage. Even the handicraft is an important resource that has its origins from the Etruscans. In Rome you can see traces of this ancient tradition in the street names of the oldest neighborhoods of the city, such as carpenters and blacksmiths streets. Other traditional handicraft area is Ciociaria, in southern Lazio.

In Rome, the goldsmith’s art has developed through the Church and the aristocratic families. Even today, the goldsmiths and jewelers in Rome are many.

We interviewed the goldsmith Cristiana Perali, very kind and very helpful, the owner of a jewelry workshop in the historical center of Rome.

Your art comes from a family tradition or is the result of years of practice in other workshops?

No doubt I have followed in my father’s footsteps: an old family tradition that began in 1907 with my grandfather and continued with my father, both experienced watchmakers and with a qualified jewelry workshop. During my 36 years of this great job, I also attended many courses.

What are the jewelry that people can buy in your workshop?

I want to satisfy the tastes of all of my clients. Starting with the classic taste of gold jewelry and precious stones, I like to create trendy silver, bronze, brass jewelry combined with precious, semi-precious stones and alternative materials such as ebony, steel fabrics, resins.

What are the strengths of your handicraft?

Undoubtedly the creativity. My clients often ask me if I sleep at night or I project jewels (ha ha!), because they always can find new items in the store.

Right now, what I do prefer more is the transformation of outdated jewelry, in customized and easy wearable jewelry.

You realize jewels characterized mainly by precious stones and pearls. Can you describe what styles they have? Modern, classic, minimal, etc …?

Precious stones and pearls can be assembled in countless shapes and sizes. Let’s say that I prefer stones and pearls manufactured in particular shapes and vibrant colors, different from the usual ones, and I love setting them in large rings, with a distinct personality.

Which jewel you made would you recommend to engaged couples?

For the more “traditionalist”, small wedding rings with small diamonds, white or colored, and for those who dare, my rings with stones of various types.

A goldsmith with a great creativity and who meets everybody’s tastes, thanks to Cristiana Perali!

Cristiana Perali, Creazioni Orafe

Via dei Banchi Vecchi, 60

00186 Roma

Tel. +39 06 68802907

Website: www.cristianaperali.com