Honeymoon: 10 top destinations for an unforgettable trip

Honeymoon: 10 top destinations for an unforgettable trip

I remember the day my husband asked for my hand as it was yesterday. We arrived in Malcesine (Veneto), he’d rented a yacht to have dinner on Lake Garda and right there, in the sunset light, he gave me a beautiful diamond ring. So, for our honeymoon, I insisted on coming back to Veneto and discover all its extraordinary places, and Thomas agreed. He says he fell in love with me for my curiosity and my determination in discovering everything that makes me feel excited. We came back weeks ago, but I never get tired of telling what a beautiful honeymoon we had!


Our first destination was Verona: we stayed for three days in an awesome four-star hotel in the city center. We visited the House of Juliet (and obviously wrote our names on the wall), we tasted the typical cuisine in top quality restaurants. We ate the “nodi d’amore” (literally: love knots of Valeggio), Amarone risotto, gnocchi, polenta, and braised horse, and then of course pandoro! The biggest emotion, what I’ll never forget about Verona, was the lyric performance we saw at the Arena, the best-preserved Roman amphitheater in Italy. We had the honor of watching the “Traviata” by Giuseppe Verdi from the Poltronissima Platinum exclusive sector. This was just one of the shows of the Arena di Verona Open Air Festival, the operatic music manifestation taking place every summer in the very Arena.

Honeymoon in Veneto Arena Verona Traviata
A scene from Zeffirelli’s “La Traviata” at the Arena


Our second destination was a one-night romantic escape in Vicenza, which has been declared UNESCO World Heritage. We visited Salvi Gardens, and inside them, there is the “Loggia Valmarana“, designed by an apprentice of Palladio. Under the Loggia, you can see Seriola flowing, a small river that makes the atmosphere look enchanted and magical. Then, we visited the San Lorenzo Temple, with its Renaissance Cloister, and then the gorgeous Olimpic Theather. We had dinner in a restaurant where they served us “baccalà alla vicentina” – cod Vicentina, cured meat, black tartuffe of Berici Mountains, drinking an awesome Gambarella DOCG

Honeymoon in Veneto: Loggia Valmarana Vicenza
Loggia Valmarana in the Salvi Gardens


We later moved on to Padua, another city full of secrets to find out. It’s famous for hosting one of the oldest universities in the world. There we visited Prato della Valle, one of the biggest squares in Europe and the Scrovegni Chapel, medieval and full of breathtaking paintings. The Sant’Antonio Basilica and the Palazzo della Ragione came right after. Above all, it’s been a pleasure to live again the university life that flows in every street (since 1222!). We had tea in the beautiful and ancient Caffè Pedrocchi in the city center, one of the most famous and elegant in Italy, surrounded by the citizens who usually meet there. A young and dynamic atmosphere that I miss a lot.

Honeymoon in Veneto: Caffè Pedrocchi
Caffè Pedrocchi

Belluno: between culture…

The following three days were dedeicated to discover the surroundings of Belluno, famous for its Dolomites. The first day we visited the city: Palazzo dei Rettori, north of Piazza Duomo, the San Martino Cathedral and the civic museums in Palazzo Fulcis.

…wild nature!

The second day, we went to the gorges of the river Ardo, in the heart of the National Park under the Schiara Mountain. By the way, it is the highest mountain of the Dolomites. This canyon has been carved from the river during the centuries and if you like to stay in nature as I do, you’ll totally love it!

Honeymoon in Veneto: Brent' de l'Art
The Ardo canyon

Cortina D’Ampezzo

In the afternoon, we definitely couldn’t help but include Cortina d’Ampezzo in our honeymoon! The best time of the year to visit it it’s of course in the winter, because it’s one of the most important skiing resorts in Italy, but visiting it in the summer it’s been nice too! We’ve been to the Sorapiss Lake and sunbathed: staying there in nature was definitely better than a spa!

Honeymoon in Veneto: Sorapiss Lake nearby Cortina d'Ampezzo
Sorapiss Lake nearby Cortina d’Ampezzo

I must admit that in the afternoon I let my self go and I went shopping in Corso Italia, which is famous because you can find the latest fashion clothes!

Prosecco Hills

Our second week couldn’t begin in a better way! We moved on near Treviso, in particular we had the pleasure to drive with the top down all along the Prosecco Hills in Conegliano and Valdobbiadene. When we arrived we had such an amazing view: miles and miles of vineyards and sweet rural houses. But the most amazing thing was visiting a winery guided by the experience of its owner. Situated inside a mansion, it was a labyrinth of arches and columns. Bottles and huge barrels, and the smell of history and traditions have been the perfect frame for a perfect wine tasting. We tasted the best wines with local products, so we had a trip in the trip!

Honeymoon in Veneto: the Prosecco Hills
Collagù, località di Farra di Soligo


As soon as we got to Treviso, we understood it was a city where you can breathe luxury in every corner. In particular, Piazza dei Signori, Palazzo dei Trecento and the streets around them have an enchanting medieval atmosphere. It’s beautiful to walk in the city center, with the noise of the steps on the floor, and discovering all its streets and small bars. We were lucky because we visited it right in time to see a music festival. So in the evening we went to the ancient city walls and enjoy it.

Honeymoon in Veneto: Treviso

A little escape… to the seaside!

After such intense days, we decided to take a break. We booked a hotel in Caorle, a little and quiet city. It’s different from the usual seaside destinations often very crowded and noisy. I literally fell in love with that colored little village, looking so cozy and familiar. The seafront, called “ScoglieraViva”, is a little masterpiece and one of the most beautiful in the Alto Adriatico. It ends with the “Madonna Delll’Angelo” sanctuary. Last but not least, the beaches are large and clean, the ideal place to spend some days sunbathing.

Honeymoon in Veneto: Caorle and its seafront
“ScoglieraViva”: the seafront of Caorle


Dulcis in fundo, how could we miss visiting Venice? We decided to visit it at last because we wanted to taste it with no hurry, like a cherry on the top of a cake. The last five days were spent in Venice, and they were truly unforgettable. Venice is a masterpiece, a true open-air museum that surprises you at every look. We visited the highlights such as San Marco Square, Rialto Bridge, and the Arsenale, but we also decided to lose ourselves intentionally in the little streets to discover all secrets that hide in this incredible city.

Later, we visited the most famous islands. We tasted the typical biscuits “Bussolà” and we also learned how to cook them in Burano. We could admire artisans manufacturing blown glass in Murano, found out the story of Torcello. And then more art and culture: we visited the Ca’ D’Oro, the Peggy Guggenheim collection… but these are just a few of the uncountable beauties of this magic city.

Honeymoon in Veneto: seagulls at San Marco Basin – Andrea Pattaro for Love me in Veneto
San Marco Basin – Ph. credits: ©Andrea Pattaro

I’ll keep the sensations and impressions of my honeymoon in my heart forever. Our romantic escape, far from the everyday routine, was an enchanted and spectacular discovery of Veneto. It’s incredible how it can offer such a variety of landscapes and places to see. It’s a magic place were we left our hearts, and we’ll sure come back as soon as possible.