Honeymoon in Liguria: a few interesting destinations

Honeymoon in Liguria: a few interesting destinations

Land of sea and sky for your honeymoon in Liguria

The wedding day is over; the promises of love were softly whispered; the wedding cake has been cut. It’s time to say goodbye to the old life and celebrate the beginning of a new adventure: the common path of two souls.

If then, the honeymoon must be an event of love and tenderness, but also an opportunity for discovery and celebration, why don’t spend your honeymoon in Liguria?

It’s a region of a thousand colors and a thousand features, a landscape of sea and mountains. And, though it is divided into two parts – the Riviera di Ponente and the Riviera di Levante – it is united by a passion for sun and clear sky.

So, if you’re considering Liguria for your honeymoon, here’s a few of the many small interesting attractions that it has to offer… just to stoke your curiosity.

Castelletto of Genoa

Liguria - Honeymoon

View from Spianata Castelletto

The first stop for any lover of beautiful vistas is the district of Castelletto in Genoa. Perched on top of a flat hill outside the ancient walls, Castelletto protected the city for centuries.

Today, you can reach the top through a public elevator in the blink of an eye, and stop in at one of the many Italian ice cream shops and eateries that dot one of the most exciting places in Genoa.

The viewing tower named Belvedere di Montaldo at the arrival station commands a 360 degree view of the city below: the Doge’s Palace and the Cathedral of Saint Lawrence are prominent among the narrow alleys and ancient houses that unfold into the sea at the horizon with its ancient port and La Lanterna, the lighthouse which signified the city’s ancient dominion over the seas.

Everything that makes Genoa what it is, is there within reach of your eyes.

The Signature Wall of Alassio

Liguria - Honeymoon

the old Caffè Roma

If you go to Alassio, you must take a photo next to the famous wall which holds a collection of colorful tiles bearing the signatures of many famous personalities of the past.

The history of its origin is as curious as it is fascinating. It all started when Mario Berrino, owner of the Caffè Roma, the areas most chic cafe in the ‘50s.

Inspired by the frequent presence of the brilliant Ernest Hemingway, he had the idea to transform the bare gray wall fronting his cafe into an album of autographs made from ceramic tiles, one for each of the guests of honor that he would serve in his life.

Today, the wall contains more than one thousand signatures, splashes of color, shapes and diverse drawings, guarded by a statue of two young lovers, who sit at its side, as if to express the love they had so often witnessed.

La Via dell’Amore (The Street of Love)

Liguria - HoneymoonA street has never had a more appropriate name. Take a quiet stroll with your sweetheart on this segment of the long Sentiero Azzurro (Blue Path) that connects mountains and sea by crossing through the entire rugged portion of Ligurian coast named Cinque Terre, La Via dell’Amore opens up the vastness of the sea below, while shadowed by the great mountains above.

The trail, which is about 1 km (.6 miles) long, has always inspired idyllic moments of ecstasy of the heart. It’s a welcome combination of beautiful scenery, the warmth of the setting sun and fresh breezes through your hair: a place impossible not to be in love.


Liguria - Honeymoon

Dolceacqua by Monet

Liguria, more than most regions, is full of enchanting medieval villages. It’s intrinsic to its history of cultural and pioneering cities. It’s in its nature.

Some of these small urban centers can really take your breath away. This is the case for Dolceacqua, a medieval village worthy of a name that means “fresh water.”  It has the impression of a place under some magic spell, forever crystalized in the past.

From the castle of Doria, you may observe the leisurely flow of the river, which has forever divided the two sides of the town, under the bridge that connects them. In the background are the verdant terraced hillsides that are so typical of this area.

Even the painter Monet was not immune to these charms, and, in 1884, forever immortalized the city’s beauty on canvas.

As Dolceacqua conquered the heart of one of the most romantic painters of all time, no doubt it will also conquer yours.