Honeymoon in Tuscany: 5 original ideas

Honeymoon in Tuscany: 5 original ideas

Here are five unforgettable experiences to discover during your honeymoon in Tuscany

Embracing between the silky sheets, an inviting croissant awaiting on the bedside table, the strong aroma of coffee filling the air, and outside nothing but silence and the sun illuminating the distant hills…
Have you daydreamed of waking up this way at least once in your life? That dream begins here.
The first day of your new life together will be even more sweet and romantic in Tuscany, the land of love and lovers.
You and your soulmate can spend your honeymoon in Tuscany in one of our unforgettable itineraries. Today we have decided to share with you some of Tuscany’s secrets about its tiny villages, authentic experiences, and intense perfumes and flavours.

A bike ride around Lucca

honeymoon in tuskany

The historic and artistic city of Luca is a place suspended in time. Its ancient splendor, hidden in the shops and quiet streets, is guarded by an imposing, sixteenth-century, circular wall that can be traveled with bicycles.
Are you up for a ride? There is no better way to see the city, and while you’re up there, don’t forget to capture the breathtaking views.

A swim in Tirreno

honeymoon in tuskany

According to legend, when the goddess Venus emerged from the beautiful waters of the Tyrrhenian sea, she let fall seven pearls from the string around her neck which became the seven islands of the Tuscan Archipelago.
From Napoleon’s Elba to the mountainous Isola del Giglio, there is magic intrinsic to the Tuscan Archipelago’s wild nature.
Taste the fresh seafood in a small port restaurant on a wooden table with a linen tablecloth. Make your dinner even more romantic by illuminating it with candlelight.
And in summer, you must not miss a swim in the cobalt blue sea.

A kiss in the streets of love: Pienza

Villages and towns unfold like memories not yet lived. In Tuscany, there are many such and beautiful, each place with its own characteristics and peculiarities, but there is one to which absolutely all lovers must go: Pienza.
Among the narrow streets of the Renaissance city is the most romantic of them all: The Way of Love.
The endless maze of alleys, that fit together with harmonious perfection, struck the famous Italian director, Franco Zeffirelli, so that, in 1968, he selected Pienza to shoot the greatest love story ever known, Romeo and Juliet.

A tour by Vespa

honeymoon in tuskany vespa

As a fresh and original idea for an adventurous honeymoon, from Pisa, Tuscany’s primary river city, take a vespa along the river Arno to the sea.
Clasping his waist, once you reach the river-mouth, you will see the waters of river mingling with the sea, creating a unique color spectrum, while behind you is the plain and the Apuan Alps.
Do not miss the sunset from the Piazza dei Miracoli.

Relax at the Spas

The honeymoon is also a time to pamper yourselves and relax.
Are you ready to spend two days in extreme relaxation at the most beautiful hot springs of Tuscany? The destination that we recommend is Montecatini, the beautiful spa town near Pistoia. The soft atmosphere, relaxing music, and spa treatments will take you to another dimension.