Wedding in Venice – Hotel Monaco&Grand Canal

Wedding in Venice – Hotel Monaco&Grand Canal

If you are dreaming of a wedding in Venice, Hotel Monaco&Gran Canal is the ideal location to celebrete your perfect day.

There are places that can’t be described. Places as Hotel Monaco&Gran Canal that hold such fascination that is beyond words, in a city famous all around the world for its history, art and architecture: Venice. The “Floating city”, symbol of absolute romanticism, known not only in Italy but also abroad because of its ability to give such empowering emotions. Venice can make your dreams come true: it makes you going crazy with curiosity until you see it, and then it makes you fall in love. Therefore, it’s not a coincidence that it was the chosen wedding destination by many couples, including Hollywood actor George Clooney and his wife.

Overlooking the Grand Canal, a few steps away from San Mark’s Square, stands the Hotel Monaco & Grand Canal, an unique location to celebrate an unforgettable wedding, a place where the spouses and all the guests will feel like they’re being transported back in time, when Venice was “La Serenissima” and Giacomo Casananova its “doge”.

Hotel Monaco&Gran Canal Venice, Front view

The bride and groom can choose the location of the wedding feast between the nine “Sale del Ridotto” of Dandolo Erizzo Palace, all different for decorative style and capacity. The Dandolo Erizzo Palace, a masterpiece of historical architecture, owns ninety-two rooms, with Baroque style decorations and wooden furniture embellished with Murano’s glass details, and a sky terrace overlooking the Grand Canal, the perfect location for the reception buffet. Our suggestion is to enjoy the view in a spring afternoon or during a summer sunset: the landscape, from “Punta della
Dogana” to the “Salute” Cathedral will stay with you forever. However, at the Hotel Monaco & Grand Canal Venice Hotel even a winter bride can fulfil her dreams, enjoying the magical atmosphere of the Christmas decorations reflected on the waters.

Hotel Monaco&Gran Canal Venice, - Room for the wedding dinner

Hotel Monaco & Grand Canal: exquisite cuisine and tradition
The Grand Canal restaurant can count on a high level cuisine, one where chefs love to make room for their creativity without forgetting about Venice tradition, offering traditional dishes with a perfect, balanced mix of flavours. The waiting service is flawless and the staff will be happy to satisfy every request and desire.
Every single moments of your wedding day will be an unique and precious memory.

Hotel Monaco&Gran Canal Venice - Bride and groom' table