Hotel Savoy, a love story: the wedding day

Hotel Savoy, a love story: the wedding day

For the couple protagonists of the love story setting in the hotel Savoy in Rome has arrived the day of their marriage: a dream that becomes true.

That long-awaited day had finally arrived. That day where we exchanged a promise of eternal love. That day where with a ring on the finger we sealed our sentiment and the dream of a family. The place we chose to celebrate our wedding could only be the Savoy Hotel, the beautiful setting of our most exciting and memorable moments.

The terrace of the roof garden was laid out specifically for the event, with the white chairs all lined up and the small altar festooned with compositions of hydrangeas, your favorite flowers. The civil servant was ready and our guests were waiting only to see the bride arriving. So, amid the palpable excitement in a romantic Rome that behind us was performing its postcard like sunset, here you appeared.

I admired you in all your greatness: in your wedding dress, with simple lines and surrounded only by a long thin veil that you were wearing on your head. All the guests were turned towards you and watched you taking the small boardwalk that divided us at your father’s arm. A smile lit up your beautiful face, enhanced only by a light and natural makeup. A dream, ours, which was finally coming true.

Hotel Savoy

After the first toast with our family and friends, the festivities began. The buffet was made of rustic delicacies of every kind and fountains of sparkling wine, juices and soft drinks. Bewteen greetings, kisses, hugs and wishes we were ecstatic, happy as ever, while our guests. were enjoying a gourmet dinner served at the table by the hotel staff. Everything was perfect, from the appetizers to the desserts, from meat to fish dishes.The moment of the cutting of the cake was among the most exciting: while the music was going, in front of us there was a masterpiece of pastry, decorated with sugar paste, behind us the amazing show of fireworks.

matrimonio all'hotel savoy

Time passed quickly, until we found ourselves in the bridal suite provided by the Hotel, tired but excited, drunk with excitement and joy; waiting for us there was a bottle of champagne and a basket of strawberries and chocolate. Our first night as husband and wife. From there, the beginning of our new life together.