Hotel Savoy, a love story: falling in love again

Hotel Savoy, a love story: falling in love again

The following morning the quiet of the room caught me off guard. No alarm clock, no church bells remainding me how time goes by, no echo of the main door slamming or the sound of latin music coming from next door. Only silence, and the rhythm of your breathing next to my neck, like a second pulsing in my veins. We spend the morning like this, almost in slow motion, while outside Rome keeps exploding with life just like a crazy swarm. Breakfast is a buffet of colours and fantasies, every kind of food seated elegantly on cute tablecloths. A show of fruits, an exposition of different cakes, shining glasses and towers of juice and warm coffe: waking up like this feels like a promise of eternal beauty.

hotel savoy roma buffet

The first tour of the day is the one we do while happily chatting about everthing, walking through the wide hallways of the hotel, peeking through the halls, making funny faces on the huge mirrors on the walls. There are shining marbles and precious silk, elegant vase and chairs with embroided seatbacks. Small tables, round tables, chandeliers and candelabra, majestic statues… every corner is a surprise and you’re committed to discover them all, with the same concentration of a child on Christmas morning.

hotel savoy roma hall

In the end, the calling of the city outside draws us outside the hotel, under the insicure sun of late October. The city is a labyrinth of ancient splenduour and prooves of modern greatness; every street keeps the name of old times, wears the name of new shops windows.

hotel savoy roma colosseo

There is turmoil of activity everywhere; from the young girl who runs to school or the businessman who checks his daily e-mails, pedestrians all around us flow like a river in the most hidden streets, a sea of people who splits on our sides. It’s a mix of lives that excites the countrygirl inside you, and your first ride in the subway becomes a journey of adventures. We find ourselves trapped in the most turistic itinerary of all, the one with the most known stops: the hidden side of Rome, the one of my childhood,will have to wait for now. The Colosseo, the Fori Romani, the Colonna Traiana, the Vittoriano, Piazza d Spagna… you lost yourself in lights and shapes, new and old beauty.





We go back home with your purse full of souvenirs and my camera full of memories. From the subway stop, the Hotel Savoy stands out as a white tower on the illuminated roman landscape; somehow, it feels already like home. We decide then to have dinner here, inside the hotel, too tired to navigate once again the heat of Rome, but nothing prepars us to the beauty of the Eternal City at night. The Granet Restaurant & Terrace has rounded tables artfully set, a glass frame all around it; not too far ahead, the immensity of Rome under our eyes. We spoil each other with fish dishes that look like art masterpieces, every course a fantasy of tastes and flavours which explode on our tongues. Love and ambition rolled up in the most genuine soul of our italian cooking, which we taste with passion and curiosity. San Pietro, the Palazzo del Quirinale, Villa Medici… ingredients of a view that conquers the eyes first and the heart soon after.

hotel savoy roma restaurant

When even the sun is tired, we climb the hotel stairs towards the sky: at the seventh floor the panoramic terrace welcomes us with the warm colours of a barely starting sunset. Up here, with a glass of wine on one hand, Rome has never feel so close to us. Every roof, every monument shines like a small jewerly, scattered on a naturally beautiful land. We stay here, our arms touching and the cold sharpening, unable to get away from this city, knowing that a view like this will forever be imprinted in the memory of our love.

hotel savoy roma view