Hotel Savoy, a love story: romantic weekend

Hotel Savoy, a love story: romantic weekend

It’s been a year since our wedding day. A day full of emotions, of unforgattable moments and memories that are forever imprinted in our minds and hearts. A year from our promises of love and devotion, a year since our wedding reception at the Hotel Savoy, the perfect location for our wedding party. It was why we couldn’t choose any other place other the Hotel Savoy for a romantic weekend on our first anniversary, surrounded by elegance and beauty, good food and the breathtaking “Eternal City” under our eyes, a place we both feel like our own, that we get never tired of visiting

romantic weekend roof top

After arriving to the hotel we leave our luggages in the room to take a walk in the heart of the city of Rome, enjoying the last few hours of the day, till sunrise. Just a few blocks away from the Hotel Savoy we find ourselves in front of the beautiful Piazza di Spagna with its unique steps of travertine. We keep walking following “Ludovisi” street untile we reach the Trinità dei Monti. Between one street and the other you keep stopping in front of the fancy shop windows, the many dresses that make your eyes sparkle are the ones which symbolize the italian tailoring, an art both acient and somehow new. And then the lights, the colours, the scents that come out from the bakeries, the bars and pub full of people… Roma is always beautiful.

romantic weekend, savoy hotel


We decide to have dinner at the Hotel, in the Granet Restaurant & Terraces, a gourmet restaurant on the roof garden, where our wedding ceremony took place just a year before. It’s a strange feeling being here once again, but this time only you and me, while in our minds the pictures of that day come back in flashes; friends, family, happy faces and loving kisses… We go with the fish menu and a glass of champagne; while we toast to our beautiful life together our eyes meet and we are so glad for all we had and for what we will gain in the future. At least, before getting inside, we reach the staircase towards the “mezzanine of lovers”, from where we can enjoy again the view over San Pietro, the Vittoriano, Quirinale Palace and Villa Medici.

We share a kiss right there, renewing our promises of a love as eternal as Rome, that was keeps being the perfect background of our happiest moments.