The hotel Sextantio in Santo Stefano of Sessanio (Abruzzo region)

The hotel Sextantio in Santo Stefano of Sessanio (Abruzzo region)

Hotel Sextantio, Abruzzo - room

A unique hotel in Abruzzo, the hotel Sextantio in Santo Stefano di Sessanio (L’Aquila). Do you remember the Sextantio hotel in Matera which was the topic of our last article?

Today we are writing once again about Sextantio, but about the hotel in a mountain village, Santo Stefano di Sessanio (from the ancient Roman name of this village), Abruzzo region.

Even for this hotel there is the same aim: to make alive once again the soul of historical mountain villages, with a conservative approach as not to betray the identity of these places. For this reason behind the Sextantio choices there is a careful study of the way of life of the inhabitants of the past, thanks to the Museum of the People of Abruzzo.

The interior design of the rooms is inspired by the photos that the Swiss linguist Paul Scheuermeier took in the Twenties: original furniture or recovery materials have been used and the atmosphere of the past has been perfectly recreated through dim lights, the conservation of small windows and irregular floors. Even the soaps are handmade, not perfumed and natural. The blankets, which reproduce a typical Abruzzese pattern, was spun by a loom of the ninenteenth century. All the materials of the rooms can be bought in the shop of Sextantio.

If you want to taste the flavors of Abruzzo region, you will be satisfied, thanks to the hotel’s cooking that takes as main reference the study about the folk cuisine of Abruzzo region.
And finally for the newlyweds all the buiding is available!

Nothing here is left to chance, nothing here is trivial!

Sextantio, Santo Stefano di Sessanio,

Via Principe Umberto,

67020 Santo Stefano di Sessanio (L’Aquila)

Tel.+39 0862 899112



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