Independent Pictures: emotions in a shoot

Independent Pictures: emotions in a shoot

“The emotion on a tear, happiness in a smile. Each shot a memory … forever. “

Francesco and Andrea are the founders of Independent Pictures, a photo studio specializing in wedding photos and events.

Independent pictures team

Francesco, photographer from Turin, has made his passion for street photography a job that gives him great satisfaction; providing a personal touch in the world of photography for weddings.

The marriage between pure photojournalism and fashion and art, makes the Francescos’ photos small creative masterpieces, funny, exciting… unique.

The fortuitous encounter with Andrea, originally from Milan and wanderer for study, work and passion, has took place in 2008; together they created the Independent Pictures project.

Andrea studied in Milan and London, being formed in the best schools of photography and photojournalism.

During each services he has a clear mission: tells. Gazes, smiles, tears … moments. The result is a true photographic story emotionally engaging and rich in detail, able to talk in pictures.

The Independent pictures team consists of real professionals of the image, which believes in the beauty and emotion enclosed in every shot … to be valued to the fullest.

Riccardo, Luca, Juana and graphic designer Sandra, are a passionate and cohesive group; work side by side to give their best at every opportunity, always giving their personal touch to give an added value to the final result.

Falling in love in and about Italy

Francesco said that, at the beginning of Independent pictures story, their reportage style was still not very common in Italy.

Italians still preferred the studied poses that left not enough space for the naturalness of the events during the day; so their first successes occurred right with foreign spouses, which still form an integral part of their business.

The headquarters of the Independent picture is in Turin, but when it comes to travel and discover new places, the team is looking forward to travel throughout Italy and abroad.

Portofino, Bologna, on Lake Orta, Como, Maggiore, Garda, but also in the Amalfi Coast, Rome, Venice and of course in Tuscany; these are the most popular destinations among lovers around the world.

The team, from real professionals who are, always gives a questionnaire to their customers, in order to better know their tastes and to give the best with their work. To the question ‘Why did you choose Italy?‘ the answer is almost always the same.

The whole world loves our beautiful country for art, food, landscapes, climate, why grooms often stop in Italy for a honeymoon all over spaghetti and mandolin.