An interview: Alessandro Pellicciari, wedding photographer in Umbria

An interview: Alessandro Pellicciari, wedding photographer in Umbria

Alessandro Pellicciari is a famous wedding photographer and designer from Umbria, born in the fashion world, and arrived to the wedding world, that is absolutely the most important ceremony.

Alessandro, which are the moments you prefer to capture in your photographs?

I adore to live the moments of the people who entrust in me, to stop them with an image that will stay over the time, and let you live that day with its emotions. To capture the moment is very emotional also for me, and to be able to put it in a photograph gives much satisfaction also to me.

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Which emotions do you want to give through your photographs?

With my photos I want only to show the reality, the simpleness and the spontaneity of the people I’m with. I think this is the highest form of beauty. I started to take photographs when I was very young, and I was lucky to succede to transform my passion in my work. I trust in my instinct and the emotions I want to transmit are different and unique, each of them, through my photos, is fixed in the marriage couples’ remembers forever.

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Which are the Umbria zones you like the most and which the most chosen location for the wedding party?

Umbria is my country, and, it couldn’t be different, for me is all magnificent! I adore to live my region through the best day for many people, and put in photos the many sensations that my region gives to me. The most chosen locations for the wedding parties are for the major part villas, castles and country houses, all fascinating and rich in history for an unforgettable image-story.

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In addition to the photo-service, do you offer something else to the couples in order to have a memory of their wedding day over the years?

To tell a so important moment require talent, professionalism and research, in order to obtain a high quality, elegant product, that emphasize every single moment. For this reason I make myself available, offering to the spouses my competence and a consultancy as a wedding photographer to create a custom-fitted memory over the years.