The wedding professionals: interviewing WedBox’s Casper Grønbjerg

The wedding professionals: interviewing WedBox’s Casper Grønbjerg

Weddings are no longer what they used to be. The wedding world is changing day by day and it’s approaching new technologies and the social media. Among the many apps dedicated to the wedding world WedBox shines on its own. We asked Casper Grønbjerg, one of the minds behind this innovative app, to tell us about its origins, success and the future.


Hello Casper, what did prompt you to create WedBox?

The pictures from your guests tell a different story about the wedding, than the pictures from your professional photographer. Through your guests you will get amazing personal pictures and you get to see many “angles” on the wedding.


How did you approach the “wedding world”?

We have the biggest Danish webpage and we wanted to create an amazing tool for the wedding business.


What is WedBox about?

Wedbox is photo app for your wedding where you can collect wedding photos and videos from your guests. You own and control your photo and videos, and you get them in the highest quality. Through Facebook and Instagram, the pictures and photos will be all over and you can’t control them anymore.


Did you expect all this success?

Actually not at all! We have 25.000 wedding from 40 countries and we hope we can continue to improve the app and make it even better.


What makes the difference between WedBox and others apps?

We have worked for 12 years with brides and we know a lot about style and expression, so we are trying to create a different app that looks good and is simple to use; we also are the only wedding photo app that is translated to 18 languages.


In your opinion, how did the “wedding world” change in the last few years?

The planning of a wedding and the communication is going on mobile and it is very fast. It’s been tradition to send printed wedding invitations but there is a brand new generation coming and they don’t mind inviting their guests through a digital service where communication is better.


What do you think about the future of WedBox? Are you planning any developments or is it perfect just the way it is?

We are developing a lot and many things will happened. We have received 1 million euros in funding and we are using it on marketing and development. Our desire is to be the biggest wedding brand in Europe.


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