Interviewing Roberta Torresan, Wedding Planner & Designer

Interviewing Roberta Torresan, Wedding Planner & Designer

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Enthusiastic, determinated, hard working, a true dreamer. These are very rare gifts to be found in one person, but Roberta Torresan, Wedding Planner and Designer, proved that it’s indeed possible: with persistence, hard work and study she established herself as a worldwide known business woman, whose career is still growing.

A true dreamer, always at the service of her clients, lovers of all ages and sexes wanting to bring to life the dream of the perfect wedding day. This is how Roberta Torresan introduces herself on her official website,, but she is more than that, as her successful career proves: winner of 2016 Wedding Industry Awards, author of an english online blog, administrator of a Wedding Blog, founder of Wedding Stationary Italy and organizer of many professional training courses … it seems like nothing can keep her enthusiasm at bay!

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How was your love for the wedding wold born and for how long have you been working in this industry?

It’s been seven years now since I first started focusing on my job as wedding planner, starting from an events management training; you can say my dreams came true.

The wedding planner is involved in the planning of the wedding in full or part-time terms. Which are the tasks that most of the couples prefer to entrust to an expert of the field?

I personally offer a full service, one that goes from the selection of the wedding locations to the planning of every little detail; all the wedding couples entrust me with the full preparation of their wedding day, and the trusting relationship that grows bewteen us is one that allows the bride and the groom to feel safe and secure during the journey towards their wedding day.

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Which are today’s wedding trends? On which aspects doe the wedding couples focus the most?

The wedding couples are more and more inclined to create an event which will be an experience full of emotions for all their guests: the wedding planner’s job is then to create the perfect, unforgettable day.

Which are the most evident transformations in the wedding field you experienced the most?

I noticed that some of my clients are definitely more aware of what we’re talking about regarding the wedding world, it means that I, as an expert, need to always be updated on every news of this world. You need to find something that will amaze them, leaving them speachless, so I’m always looking for original ideas to share with them.

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Are there any weddings that your are particularly proud of ? What about instead any weddings which disappointed you or didn’t live up to the couple’s expectations? 

The bride and groom’s satisfaction always comes first: this means you did understand their desires, making them coming true. Every year there are few ceremonies that inevitably stood out the most, but that is just because of the special relationships I developed with the couples.

Has ever happend that an unforessen accident almost ruined one of your weddings? Which are the most unwanted accidents that any wedding planner dread the most?

All kind of accidents are always lurking behind the corner, but they are an inevitable part of the wedding planning and of the wedding day itself. Our job is to be always ready to solve any problem and to lessen their consequences. The wedding couple and their guests must be able to live a perfect day, and everything has to go as smoothly as possibile.

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Which is the personal touch that can never be missed in any of your weddings?

My job is to find the best way to express the couple’s personality, my creativity is at their service; if then I’m able to go even beyond their immagination, then it means that I really got in touch with their emotions.

Your CV is remarkable: you were awarded with the Wedding Industry Adwards 2016, you were included in many of the best international online wedding directories, you published an blog in english and were the administration of a personal Blog, and then founded Italy Wedding Stationary, other than following many professional training courses. Which other challenges you would like to undertake in the future or which new projects you would like to take on? 

It’s true that my society is growing su much in these last years, especially in regards to international weddings: I want to be a true ambassador of this growing field, which I think still has many new potentialities to discover. We live in a land loved by wedding couples all around the world, we need to do our best to be at the top of our game.

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