Interviewing Patrizia Di Braida, Wedding Floral Designer in Valeggio Sul Mincio, well known all over the world

Interviewing Patrizia Di Braida, Wedding Floral Designer in Valeggio Sul Mincio, well known all over the world

Welcome to the wonderful world of wedding floral designer Patrizia Di Braida.

Patrizia Di Braida is a successful wedding Floral Designer, well known all over the world, who creates with flowers real art. She chooses everything carefully and with attention , nothing is left to chance, creating marvelous design compositions.

Mrs. Patrizia Di Braida, what does your job of Floral Designer entail?

A Floral Designer, or flower stylist, is an expert of all the technics and forms necessary to create a floral creative composition. Intuition and a sharpe sense of space are needed to put every detail in the right spot. To create a beautiful shape is an art ! A floral designer has to pay attention to all the trends and the fashion changes, has a specific knowledge in the history of arts and in aesthetic, color theories, decorative techniques and botanic.

Patrizia Di Braida, Wedding Floral Designer

Where does your passion for flowers come from?

I inherit the passion for flowers from my grandmother. We used to spend al lot of time together in her big garden, and she used to tell me wonderful stories about flowers. Everything comes from that time, when I was still a child. Then it was followed by the university, the achievmente of the floral designer title, and by all the masters and courses that I continued to follow in order to always stay up to date.

Wedding floral designer Patrizia Di Braida's compositions

Which bouquet do you suggest for a bride who chooses to marry in spring?

The spring bouquet will be surely composed by little flowers and delicate colors, mixed with very scented aromatic essences. It will be a bouquet characterized by a lot of spontaneity and by the contrast between the elegance of the colored flowers, as cipria, yellow, peach, and vegetal elements with their aromatic nuances.

Wedding Floral Designer bouquet

Which is your favourite flower?

I adore the “passiflora” ! Also known as the flower of passion, it is definitively my favorite flower. It makes me remember my childhood and the climbing pergola which decorated my house with colours and perfumes, whose memory  will always remain with me.

Passiflora Wedding Floral Designer