Iomazzucato Winery: falling in love with wine

Iomazzucato Winery: falling in love with wine

Iomazzucato wineries and vineyards: an incredible landscape

Iomazzucato vineyards

Sourrunded by the puriest unspoiled Nature, the Iomazzucato Winery is placed at the foot of Asiago plateu, on the Vicentine Alpine foothills, and is run by married couple Andrea Mazzucato and his wife Laura Elipanni.

It’s a very  young and provactive company, a welcoming atmosphere that manages to tie wine to the values of hospitality and sharing. A vibrant reality, which combines the observance of the old family traditions with a fresh, innovative point of view.

The area of the  Vicentine Alpine foothills offers glimpses of breathtaking natural beauty: long rows of vineyards behind and the green of the hills all around. It’s impossible to not fall in love with the “natural” charm of this place.

Wine production: Torcolato Breganze DOC

Iomazzucato wines

Fifteen hectares of hills-side vineyards spreads around the Iomazzucato Winery, a real cultural landscape made in Veneto.

Andrea and Laura’s viticulture seeks to produce  high quality wine, one with a strong and sweet flavoured taste, enhanced by the rich soil full of minerals and by the typical warm climate of the foothills.

Iomazzucato wines

The characteristic red and white grapes of Doc Breganze vineyards make for many varieties of local wine, among which stand out the famous Torcolato Breganze DOC, the Vespaiolo Breganze DOC and the Merlot Breganze DOC  wine.

Steel tanks for winemaking and oak barrels for aging are the secrets to gain the best final results from these rich vineyards: more exceptional wines are the Chardonnay, the Carmenere e the Prosecco DOC.

Rustic wedding – shabby chic style at Iomazzucato Winery

Iomazzucato wedding

The thriving vineyards of Iomazzucato Winery are the perfect framework of an alternative wedding with a touch of shabby chic style.

A “rustic” ceremony surrounded by the green of the hills: essential and elegant decorations, the warm colours of the Earth, and above all, the unforgettable taste of the local wine.

If what you’re looking for is a friendly and relaxed wedding, the Iomazzucato Winery can make your wishes come true.

Iomazzucato wines

The inner tasting room can host up to 120 guests and with its warm atmosphere and attention to every detail is the ideal location for your wedding banquet. But if you really want to stay outside, you can held the reception in the huge field around the Winery, under white gazebos and blue sky.