Isabel, exchanging promises near the Brenta river

Isabel, exchanging promises near the Brenta river

Isabel is an untamable and determined woman, yet caring and sensitive, in fact she is nurtured by emotion. She lives a close relationship with nature: for example a hazy winter day affects her mood. During Spring time, she enjoys long strolls along the blooming banks of the Brenta river. She expecially admires the antique and fascinating Villas of noble Venetians of the past, shaded by tall, rich Poplar trees.

Her eyes fall on the elegant willow trees, which shade people and animals during torrid hot days; also the secular Wisteria embroided with delicate flowers, which give a sweet scent. Isabel  pictures them in her hands in a bouquet laced with violet ribbons, of the same colour of her cheeks when she blushes.


The Villa, the Labyrinth, the Goddess

Brenta river flowers

Isabel belongs to the curious kind: a rusty locked fence represented a precious and secret treasure chest in her mind. She had discovered the one of Villa Pisani, which she kept a secret. She pictured herself as a noble court Lady, strolling through nature, laughing with the other Ladies and playing hide and seek inside the labyrinth, awing at the majestic statues of glorious knights, dressed in a blanket of Ivy which shields them from the cold during the winter, and protect them from a warm summer rain.

Isabel reenacts an elope towards his beloved knight, waiting for her at the centre of the labyrinth shining with moonlight, and stealing a kiss from him. And I stand here waiting for her, under a full moon, longing to gaze into her dreaming eyes, ready to take on a new adventure. I stand Inside the tower in the middle of the labyrinth, next to the statue of Minerva, goddess of loyalty and justice, waiting for Isabel, to ask her to be My Minerva, for the better or for the worse, in sickness and in health.

Since that day, trapped inside the labyrinth, Minerva guards our promises.


Brenta river kiss