Isabel, her “Yes” in Villa Sagredo

Isabel, her “Yes” in Villa Sagredo

It is during the first sunset of June that Isabel wishes to celebrate her most important day: her wedding.
The heat during June is almost unbearable, yet she always has a way of reminiscing on Spring days, along the Brenta Riverside. During the day, the air is sweet ,among the charming greenery; The inebriating linger of flowers scents the late afternoon,into a vibrating sunset.


She had been anticipating her wedding for most of her life: a bright young girl, looking for so many answers, and with so many dreams. Curious and always looking up to her mother, imitating her make-up techniques, never quite with equal grace. She inherited blue eyes and rose cheeks from her Mother, but grit most of all.

Isabel spent her summer holiday in the countryside, with her parents, enjoying her days in a flower riddled garden, bound to become an important landmark in her childhood. She could always remember happy days spent in a beautiful garden, where she loved to run through the wheat fields and feel the wind caress her hair

Where else could she have chosen to celebrate her special day and share her promises, if not at the garden reception of Villa Sagredo?

Isabel kiss sunlight

When she was a child she played hide and seek in the garden of the villa. She recited the nursery rhymes learned at school running around the wild cherry tree grown near the driveway. For her that tree represents childhood, the magic of the afternoons spent playing and stories of the guardian of the villa. That man knew all about animals and flowers, and Isabel liked why he always had so many things to tell. He had taught her that the squirrels are born naked and that the fur that grows them has the color of the bark of the trees, so they can be camouflaged. He had then taught her to distinguish the butterflies: Vanessa has orange circles while the cedronella is all yellow.


Isabel does not feel like a traditional bride, the perfect balance of elegance and sensuality. In fact, blue is the color that best represents her personality, that same dusty blue her mother used to wear during special occasion.

Isabel radiates peacefulness: she is delicate in her manners and in her touch, yet at times a patina of melancholy covers her expression. The melody of violin, music of her soul, is the soundtrack to her day. The beautiful landscape and the decorations blend perfectly, while she steps to the altar with a blue and white bouquet. Underneath an arch of Iris flowers, I see her stepping towards me, her eyes shining, heart filled with promises.


Isabel blue dress


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