Wedding Day in Monrupino Hamlet: Karst Marriage in Friuli Venezia Giulia

Wedding Day in Monrupino Hamlet: Karst Marriage in Friuli Venezia Giulia

An old tradition for your wedding day in the nineteenth-century hamlet of Monrupino

Wedding is synonymous for tradition. Every region has always had its own traditions, so when a couple decides to get married, they can choose to swim against the tide or to follow some good luck rituals, that have being passed on from one generation to the next. In the region of Friuli Venezia Giulia, not far away from the city of Trieste, there is a nineteenth-century hamlet called Monrupino, where the karstic marriage still exists. We are talking about a very old tradition, nearly two hundred years old, but it keeps attract many new soon-to-be brides. The small village has a very unique historical castle, a church, a fortress and an overall style in which tradition and modernity mesh together flawlessly, worth of the most passionate and romanticized wedding. Every year, on the last week of August, Monrupino hosts the folkloristic reenactment of the old ritual.

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A four days long wedding
For every bride who dreams a romantic day like the story of an old book, in which the main characters are knights and ladies of the court, the karstic marriage could be a one of the kind experience. According to tradition, the ritual presupposes the beginning of the wedding on Thursday night, when the bachelor and the bachelorette parties take place, along with the last dance of the love couple as boyfriend and girlfriend: they won’t see each other again until the wedding ceremony, on the following Sunday. Friday night is the time for the groom’s serenade under the window of his loved one, instead on Saturday, just like it used to happen, the bride’s family carries her dowry in the spouses’ house. Sunday is the wedding day. The fortress of Monrupino will be wonderfully decorated for the occasion and the spouses can exchange their love vows at  the presence of family and friends.

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The wedding reception: music, dances and celebration in the town square
As in every well turned out wedding, even in the karstic one the reception refreshments have to include all the traditional dishes; in this case, veal stew and a local red wine, called ” Terrano”. The celebration will go on till late in the night, starting with a late afternoon lunch and then dances and pranks in the town streets.