When in Rome…Marry as the Romans do!

When in Rome…Marry as the Romans do!

Traditions and trivia about Italian weddings

Italy, land of beauty, nature, art, history…

… and with such a history, it would be impossible not to inherit an enormous number of traditions.

Not all future brides know all the traditions, but you can be certain that at the moment of need, they will find in the house a whole crowd of women – mothers, grandmothers, aunts, cousins – ready to teach them all they need to know, after all, they have already passed the exam!

You should know that with regards to the Bride there are many things to which she must pay attention, in order to guarantee a long and happy marriage…

italian wedding

Starting with the dress

There must be complete silence about it until the moment she enters the church (or whatever place in which you decide to make the wedding.)

Seriously, the dress must be kept secret from the future husband, but we know very well that friends will be involved in choosing it and they will talk all about it – it’s inevitable!

italian wedding

The veil was originally used to cover the bride’s face, and to help avoid any possible second thoughts from the groom on his wedding day. Today, thankfully, it has a much more aesthetic purpose.

In the south of Italy, this accessory must be as long as the couple’s engagement. One meter per year.

The bride must procure something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue – a custom we have already covered in our article about wedding movies – and a garter, which the groom will have to remove and throw as act of good luck for the unmarried men at the party. Alternatively, he could remove the right shoe of the bride, but if she would rather keep her shoe, it’s better to wear the garter!

The bouquet

…should be chosen by the bride, but it is very important that it is purchased by the groom; traditionally, it is the last gift he will give her as boyfriend. Later, like the garter, it will be thrown to the unmarried women.

italian wedding

italian wedding

When you choose the day of the wedding, you should remember the ancient Italian proverb, “Di Venere e di Marte: ne’ si sposa, ne’ si parte.” – On Friday or on Monday: don’t get married or run away. But don’t worry, there are five more beautiful days you can choose!

Rice is a symbol of joy and fertility, and for this reason it is showered on the couple to wish them wealth and good fortune.

The wedding procession

In defiance of etiquette and the traffic rules, it must blow its horns as much as possible. It is believed that the constant sound of the horn serves to drive off the evil spirits.

Attention must be paid to the number of sweets put in the bomboniere, the traditional package of white cookies, made of chocolate and almonds, to give to the guests. The number must be uneven, indivisible, as well as your love relationship (we hope!).

In some places in the South of Italy, it’s tradition to organize a serenade outside the bride’s house, the night before the big day. The famous dowry instead is nothing more than a supply of clothing and linen given by the bride’s family in order to save the groom from having to worry about all of those things during the first year of marriage.

We are sure that you’ve already provided these things for yourself during the course of your life… God bless shopping!