Jane Eyre: a timeless love

Jane Eyre: a timeless love

England, 19th century.
An orphan girl, brought up between ill-treatment and boarding schools, arrives at Thornfield Hall. Her name is Jane Eyre: a young woman strong and rebel at social conventions. Here, she works as a nanny: this county is luxuriant and its vast emerald meadows are the background to the happiest moments of the novel. The mansion has the typical medieval forms and gives the whole history a Gothic charm. In Thornfield, Jane gets to know freedom and love. An inevitable and overwhelming love from the very beginning, which sometimes seems to be impossible. It is full of sensuality, modesty, jealousy and overwhelmed by a mysterious past.

Opposites attract

Jane Eyre is a passionate girl with a great sense of control. In the novel, she would often like to follow her heart but she always restrains her instincts rationally. She is resilient, intelligent, outspoken and above all, she is aware of herself. She falls in love with Mr. Rochester, a powerful and mysterious man. Scholars define him a “Byronian hero” because he is torn by shameful secrets and tormented by remote guilts. In his youth, Rochester married a woman who is now segregated in the attic of Thornfield, as a madwoman. Jane only finds this out when she is about to marry him. At this point, Jane leaves Thornfield, while being troubled between the love that she still feels for Rochester and both the moral and religious rules that she has to face.

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Nature and antiquity frame this love

Despite various vicissitudes that Jane Eyre has lived away from her beloved, she understands her feelings for Mr. Rochester and returns to the moor where she met her lover. So, this tumultuous history has a happy ending.
However, let us take a step back.
Love at first sight between the two protagonists takes place in a small and fresh forest near Thornfield. Their first meeting takes place in a royal room, typical of the ancient castles, in front of a warming fireplace. Their first kiss and the marriage proposal happen at the foot of an ancient horse chestnut tree, lost among the flowers of the house’s garden.
Brönte chose these location not by chance: they are all evocative and they perfectly frame the key passages of this love.

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Reliving a timeless love in Italy

Do you want to discover the charm of ancient castles lost in the nature and live a love of the past like Jane Eyre? Well, here are some Italian locations that could be your right choice.

1- Treviso, an historic city that overlooks the thriving hills of Prosecco, hides the natural oasis on the banks of the river that flows within the walls. Historic loggias and arcades, squares and secular villas will make you live an unforgettable love experience. Find out more here -> Discovering the romantic Treviso

2 – In Gradara, a small historical village placed in the green hills of the Marche region, you can choose between natural parks, historic villas and ancient castles. Read this article to discover more about this location > Gradara: castle, villa or garden?

3 – Castelsardo will appeal to all lovers of sea nature: this historic village is sheltered on a promontory; the sea surround it and a sumptuous archaic castle dominates it. Learn more about this location here > Castelsardo: a romantic village on the sea

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North, Central and Southern Italy: each region has at least one location that can satisfy your desire for a timeless love. Get inspired and… Love me in italy!

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