An unforgettable anniversary at the Kolbe Hotel Rome

An unforgettable anniversary at the Kolbe Hotel Rome

“Ah, honey, I forgot… pack your bag, we are going to Rome this weekend.”
He kisses me hastily and runs off to work, late as always. A smile comes up on my lips: I have always loved his resourcefulness, his ways to surprise me.
I put the biscuits on the shelf and the jam in the fridge. I grab the bag, the keys and go to the office. The smile remains on my lips, it infects my eyes and warms my heart.
And then, Saturday is our anniversary.

I lower the taxi window and the wind tousles my hair. I stick out of the window a bit to better look at the historical beauties that surround me. “Look! The Colosseum!” I squeal, pointing my finger towards the outside, with the surprised eyes of a child and the nose turned up. He smiles and tenderly holds my hand.
I am always enthusiastic and he loves this.


A surprise called Kolbe Hotel Rome

We get out of the taxi, Philip jumps behind me and blindfolds me with a handkerchief that smells like lavender. He takes my hand and guides me to the location that will be our love nest for the next few days. Because I cannot use my eyes, the other senses are amplified. The air smells of Rome and the noises are those of the eternal city, the one that never stops.

“Welcome to the Kolbe Hotel Rome”. We confirm our data, then we take just a few more steps.
Philip leaves my hand and I feel lost for a moment, but as soon as he removes the blindfold from my eyes I am surprised. I find myself in front of an oasis, embraced by the archaic monuments that surround it and where the frenzy of the city has no access.

Kolbe Hotel Rome garden


You and me, like in the fairytales

While I am stammering words dictated by wonder, an elegant man comes to welcome us. He accompanies us in the hotel’s lounge bar for a welcome drink. On the white tablecloth there is a colorful floral centerpiece. Filippo moves my chair aside and makes me sit down, as a true gentleman does.

Our table overlooks a lush garden where the tufts of grass shine and are kissed by the warm rays of the sun that is now setting. Some citrus notes emerge from the well-kept bushes; this fragrance tickle my sense of smell. We sit there looking at each other for a few minutes in silence. There is an atmosphere of surreal peace around us, a pleasant calm that seems a spontaneous invitation to relax and enjoy the moment…

The waiter bring us a fruity orange cocktail. It matches the color of the sun that is winking on the horizon line. I drink a sip and realize that its taste blends perfectly with the scent that fills the air.

Kolbe Hotel Rome citrus fruit

We are accompanied to our suite. While walking through these wide spaces I look around. Even now, my professional habit emerges. As a meticulous designer as I am, I immediately notice the harmony of spaces and styles. Modern elements, glass windows and LED lights illuminate the hall that preserves some ancient touches. I look up and I am fascinated by the exposed stone vaults above my head. I walk more slowly now and again I seem that little girl who stares in amazement with her nose turned up and her mouth open.

“Honey, be careful and watch where you’re going!”. Philip’s words save me from the collision with an armor a few inches from me. Next to it, the ancient white dress typical of a Roman matron stands out. They are very suggestive, full of historical value, and give a unique touch to this salon. I look at the inviting leather seats. They look really comfortable.

Kolbe Hotel Rome interior


Deluxe Suite: comfort and luxury

My husband has done really well this time. When I open the door of the Deluxe Suite, I am speechless. It is amazing! Two floors? Incredible.
Immediately I kiss Philip and then I rush (as always) to explore the room while he’s arranging our luggages that were already waiting for us there. The first floor is a refined and welcoming sitting area, complete with a sofa, a minibar and a flat-screen TV. I go up to the stairs and I find a big and comfortable bed under a vaulted brick ceiling. Next to it, there is a soft armchair that faces the window. I open it and discover discover an unprecedented view of the garden.

The smell of fresh flowers welcomes me again. The long veiled curtains float, tickled by the warm breeze. Now my eyes look at the small studio-corner and then they fix on the bathroom.

Kolbe Hotel Rome bed

There is a romantic circular Jacuzzi filled with rose petals!
Filippo is coming next to me. He is impressed by the suite too and I read a sense of pleasant surprise in his eyes.
Now it’s time for dinner but we do not move from there. This Jacuzzi is really inviting. We decide to eat later at the “Garden Restaurant Al Palatino”. First, we deserve some relax after the long journey.

I am sure that I will always remember this anniversary. It’s going to remain imprinted in my mind and in my heart. An indelible and eternal memory, just like this magical city.


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Kolbe Hotel Rome Colosseum

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