Kolbe Hotel Rome: walking around the hotel

Kolbe Hotel Rome: walking around the hotel

A spring weekend in Rome. A romantic break from everyday life to be spent with your partner in complete relaxation and enjoying the beauty of the destination, the most famous historical and artistic monuments and your time together. To live the eternal city to the full, accommodation is very important: it must be located in a strategic position, from which you can move on foot towards the center and reach the main tourist attractions with ease. Our advice? The Kolbe Hotel Rome.

The former monastery dedicated to Father Kolbe is today a luxury hotel with ancient charm in the center of the capital. From here, after a big breakfast at the hotel’s rich buffet, you can start your day in the streets of Rome.

Kolbe Hotel Rome view Rome

view on Rome

History around you

Among the most important monuments near the Kolbe Hotel Rome there’s the Colosseum, symbol of the eternal city; a little further afield there are the Arch of Constantine, the most famous of the Roman triumphal arches, and the Palatine Hill. Not by chance, the Kolbe Hotel Rome is the only hotel with a direct view of the famous hill. From here, through Via dei Fori imperiali, you will reach the famous Roman Forum. Another chance to be entranced by ancient Rome and the entire architectural complex.

Not far away and easily reachable on foot there are Piazza Venezia and, all along one side, the Vittoriano, dedicated to the unknown soldier. Thanks to the panoramic lift you can get to the terrace and, from there, enjoy an extraordinary view of the city.

After a lunch break or a short return to the hotel for a moment of relaxation, you can continue your journey by heading, always on foot, to the Pantheon, the best preserved ancient monument of the capital, characterized by wonderful interiors in marble and from the suggestive dome – the largest in the world made of non-reinforced concrete.

And if you are art lovers, take a walk up to Piazza Navona, where you will be fascinated by Baroque palaces, fountains and many portraits and street artists. Otherwise, once you exit the Pantheon, get back to Piazza della Rotonda, head for Via di Pietra, cross Via del Corso and take Via delle Muratte: follow the road to the end and you will come across the famous Trevi Fountain, where you can throw a coin and make a wish, as tradition dictates.

Kolbe Hotel Rome Trevi Fountain

Trevi Fountain

Dulcis in fundo

Now, at the end of the afternoon, you will be more than happy to come back to Kolbe Hotel Rome. An aperitif in the lounge or in the inner garden, as well as a nice hot bath in the whirlpool, will be waiting for you. Between a sunset drink and a pleasant conversation, you will realize how much this hotel has helped make your weekend a memorable one.