A journey of food and wine: the lake Como

A journey of food and wine: the lake Como

The old flavors of the lake… Lake Como food and wine

Near the Lake Como, the local cooking can be divided in different areas according to the geographic position, such as the Brianza, the valley or the Lake itself. The latest is surely the most evocative and charming area for all those lovers who want to get away from the noises of their daily lives. The lake, more than offering a very romantic landscape, is also a very exciting location full of possibilities, a place of simple, popular food but this genuine and fresh flavors. 

lake como food and wine view

Fish is of course the main ingredient. The risotto with Perseco fish is the “national dish” of the Lario. Others great specialities are the “misultitt”, a variety of fish catched between May and June, dried out in the sun and then pressed together. Also, there is the “Fish in carpione”, a fried dish in which the fish is marinated in water and vinegar, the “alborelle fritte”, the trout in oil, the “Lavarello” fish with white wine and the tasty fish soup. 

The polenta (cornmeal mush) is the another cornerstone of the Lake Como cooking tradition. It was usually eaten by the farmers of the valleys, combined with fish dishes and tasty slices of cheese, or even cooked with butter, garlic and sage. To make it tasteful even for children, it used to be cotted with sugar, becoming a sweet dessert.

lake como food and wine polenta

Still simple and tasteful were the desserts made for adults, made with stale bread, fresh and dried fruits, milk, sugar, butter, eggs and liquor. An example is the “Miascia” cake, which women used to fill with chocolate and crumbled amaretto biscuits, or the “Cutizza” cake, made with lime and sugar.

lake como food and wine cake

Very simple delicacies, which calls for ancient flavors, like the one of the sugar mixed with milk, fruits and honey. This last ingredient is actually really used in this area, in its darker or lighter variety.