“That Lake Como…”

“That Lake Como…”

Three ponds, mountains behind its back and the deepest waters of all Italy.

The beauty of the Lake Como has been shining for centuries within the region of Lombardia, from the title of most requisted destination of the aritocratic Gran Tour of the 19th century to the honor of to be proclamed most beautiful lake of the world in 2014 by the “The Huffington Post”.

And, as we all know, beauty calls for art.

The beautiful villas and historical residences overlooking the lake has been the home of the most brillant minds of our time: from Virgilio to Plinio il Giovane, from Ugo Foscolo to Rossini, from Napoleon to Mazzini. And not only withing Italy itself, many artists from all around the world came to our land to be seduced by the undeniable charm of the lake: Liszt, Stendhal, Wagner..

Painters, composers, scientists, philosophers, artists… no heart can avoid the romanticism of this land of water of reflections and sun. And in this way, through the words by the many talented writers who experienced its magic, the Lake Como lives in our minds, like a wonderwall to keep seafly in our hearts.

Love Quotes: the Lake Como

” When you write a love story, let it be set among the banks of the Como Lake…”

lago di como amore

An atmosphere full of love is one that Franz Listz breathed and recalled upon the banks of the Como Lake, without knowing that, even before him, his unspoken advice had already been listened.

“Quel ramo del lago di Como, che volge a mezzogiorno, tra due catene non interrotte di monti, tutto a seni e a golfi, a seconda dello sporgere e del rientrare di quelli […] e l’Adda ricomincia, per ripigliar poi nome di lago dove le rive, allontanandosi di nuovo, lascia l’acqua distendersi e rallentarsi in nuovi golfi e in nuovi seni.”

This is the incipit of the immense masterpiece that has become such a symobol of Italy and its beautiful literature, the “Promessi Sposi” by Alessandro Manzoni. The troubled love story between Renzo and her Lucia starts righ here, on the banks of  a lake that simply speaks of love.

lago di como coppia

And once talking again about love is Carlo Linati, who was born extacly in the city Como, and who declares that “it’s difficult to find a place on earth in which art, pleasure and love had lived in such lovely surroundings, in such triumphs of nature and breathtaking bright lights.”

However, the glorification of romanticism had to be reached still, event that took place only with Percy Shelly, the english romantic poet who lived by the Como Lake for many months and then described it as

“The most beautiful lake I have ever seen.”


lago di como vista

Even the american writer Mark Twain talked about the lake beauty in his novel  Gli innocenti all’estero defined the lake as a “heaven of quite rest.”

We want to end our literary list with the most beautiful quotes of them all, the one Standhal dedicated to the Lake Como within his Certosa di Parma:

” Nothing in the universe can be compared to the charm of these feverish summer days spent on this lake […] the Lake Como, so voluptuosus, which procedes towards Lecco with such austerity: such sumblime and beautiful features.”