Lake wedding: Como VS Garda

Lake wedding: Como VS Garda

Are you planning your wedding on a lake, but still choosing the right place?Italy is famous for the breathtaking beauty of its lake landscapes, and the most famous are the Lake of Como and Garda. Despite they are not so far from each other, both of them have unique features you should consider. So, how to choose the perfect place for your special day?

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“That branch of the Lake of Como” VS “An enchanting sight, the Lake of Garda”

It is already known that artists, especially writers, let themselves be inspired by the beauty of the nature, lakes above all. So, the literature lovers can take a leaf from them. If you love “The Betrothed”, nothing suits you more than a wedding on the shores of the Lake of Como, that inspired the renowned beginning of the novel written by Manzoni. Moreover, it’s not a secret that it’s also known as “the VIP lake” because a lot of famous people chose to spend moments of relax there with their loved ones. Maybe in one of the beautiful vintage manors surrounding it you will crown your love lie Renzo and Lucia.

If you prefer the Lake of Garda, you surely have the blessing of Goethe. It’s the place where he found the peace he needed to write again after a long pause. Also Kafka dedicated honorable words to it: he said that not even the war was able to ruin the beauty of that place, and we say he was right.The atmosphere of this lake is more mediterranean, characterised by cheerful sunny towns, that will be the perfect background of a colored, happy ceremony. It’s also the perfect place for an original photoshooting with typical italian features.

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If you’re looking for a fabulous ceremony, only for true kings and queens, it’s possible to get married in one of the castles surrounding the lake.Sealing your love in an ancient fortress will be what you need for the enchanted touch you’re looking for.