Wedding at the Aeolian Islands, synonymous of emotion

Wedding at the Aeolian Islands, synonymous of emotion

When everything is about beauty: your wedding day at the Aeolian Islands


Seven islands of beauty, small jewels scattered across the blue waters of the Tyrrhenian Sea as they wave their hello to the northen coast of Sicily, just near by.

There are  Lipari, Vulcano, Stromboli, Panarea, Alicudi, Filicudi and Salina, better known as the Arcipelago of the Aeolian Islands.

Aeolian Islands

Lands of volcanic origin – as some of their names suggest – the seven islands have been called “the seven pearls of the Mediterranean Sea”. Every island brings along an history of traditions and a set of unique features, beautiful landscapes, vegetations, fauna, food and old legends.

Vulcano with its mud baths, the Stromboli volcano that dark as the night stands out in the light sky, Lipari and its unsual white rocks… a patchwork of colours, every island its own unique shade.

Very famous for their beaches, the Aeolian Islands are so loved beacuse of their on of a kind landscape: beaches of black and white sand, dark and reddish rocks, stark vegetation and warm weather. However, what you’ll always find, no matter where you are, is the sea. A breathtaking sea, with thousands of shdes of blue, a sea so clear you can see yourself reflcted on it.


Leggenda vuole che le Isole Eolie derivino il loro nome dal dio greco Eolo, maestro dei venti, il quale si dicesse riuscisse a prevedere il tempo osservando le nubi alzarsi sullo Stromboli.

Some legends say that was the Greek God Eolo, the master of the wind, that named the islands: he used to predict the weather looking at the clouds gathering around the volcano Stromboli.

Getting Married at the Aeolian Islands: our top list

matrimonio isole eolie

It doesn’t come as news that the Aeolian Islands are the perfect location to spend a sweet, perfect wedding. Bewteen the colours of the sea, the warmth of the sun and the sea wind blowing everywhere, your wedding day at the Aeolian Islands is one of freedom and semplicity, of sea and brightness.

Theresia Resort Sea & Spa

matriomonio alle isole eolie

This 5 stars Hotel has a beautiful view on the surrounding sea. The beautiful building takes in the colours of the sunset as they reflect beautifully on the swimming pool below.

An  atmosphere of unforgettable charm for a “exclusive, elegant and unique party”


Tenuta di Castellaro

If instead what you desire is something different, wiht a more rustic feel to it but definitely a romantic vibe, why don’t you choose the beautiful Tenuta di Castellaro?

Surrounded by amazing biological vineyards, this wedding location will welcome you in its wide inner room, perfect for wedding reception; the party can then go on on the terrace outside, overlooking the Vulcano island. Of course, everything will be paired with a long and delicious selection of high quality wine.