Love and photography: Andrea and Federica

Love and photography: Andrea and Federica

There is a place in the Umbrian countryside, away from the chaos of the city, where they grow love, photography and especially  the love for photography; this is where  Andrea and Federica work, wedding photographers in love with the Love.

Photos of love

Andrea Tappo and his wife Federica are much more than partners: in 2010 joined their lives together and their dream of photographing the Love, in all those moments when manifested loudly sparking emotions of the heart. amore e fotografiaFrom the engagement to the renewal of the promises, passing the Big Day, their style is the result of a philosophy of thought and work that denotes a great effort and a throbbing passion for photography as a hymn to love.

Connection of love

amore e fotografia

Looks, smiles, tears and laughter: they call it ‘connection’ that feeling that is felt between two lovers and their mission is to capture those moments, the same experienced by themselves on their big day that still unites them. Andrea and Federica are distinguished by their matrix of purely reportage mold, close to the great photographer Bresson style, where naturalness and spontaneity prevail over static and impersonal poses.


Every major event that the couple decides to accompany with their discreet presence, is a considered choice. Andrea and Federica working alone, why restrict to commit to a small number of events per year. This option is designed to ensure high performance, knowing that they can dedicate to their chosen spouses all the forces and the necessary energies. Managing to create an interactive dialogue with the couple, they capture the true essence of those magical moments.amore e fotografia

Behind every picture hides their personal signature, the result of careful studies and of great aesthetic sense; their artistic path that characterizes their style takes its cue by the wedding photography typically stars and stripes, winking at the north-European style.

Umbria by nature, cosmopolitan passion

The couple opened their business, not only at national level, even at the international level: the bride and groom who rely on Andrea and Federica come from all over the world! Suitcase in hand, they are always ready to follow the couples in love who choose to get married in Italy and abroad.

Andrea and Federica tell enthusiastically that next year awaits them a wedding in the beautiful island of Mykonos while short they will fly to Boston because, having immortalized the romantic marriage proposal of a couple to the Cinque Terre, are ready to follow this story love traveling in the US, where the couple will marry.

«We chose as a love nest a farmhouse in the Umbrian countryside. A place in full contact with nature, our source of inspiration … Umbria is rich in art and beautiful landscapes, never banal. The eastern part is more rugged and rough, while the western part is more sweet, similar to Tuscany countryside. Umbria is an alternative that never disappoints.»

amore e fotografia