Love and emotions through the photos of Gabriele Latrofa

Love and emotions through the photos of Gabriele Latrofa
wedding photo of a couple on the beach, Italy

Wedding at Mamaflò of Ostia, Italy: photo by Gabriele Latrofa

Wedding photos according to the photographer Gabriele Latrofa: interview

“The desire to discover, the desire to move, to capture the flavor, three concepts that describe the art of photography” (Helmut Newton).

Today we interviewed the photographer Gabriele Latrofa  from Vercelli (Piedmont region), author of the cover photo of our new catalog spring-summer Love me in Italy

Gabriele, how did your passion and what were your first steps in photography?

Like any important and definitive choice, photography was not a reasoned decision, but she was born almost by accident. It was the early 2000s, I was working the family business. The turning point was simple some collectible stamps, with which a friend chose a camera: shortly after I decided to take it me too, not knowing that it would become the first of a long series. Since the first shots I understood that photography could have been my way. From then on, everything came simply: the first course, my first reflex camera, a Pentax K1000 of the Seventies. There was been many satisfactions in my job. Be satisfied, however, it is a rare feeling: but it is just so that we have the possibility to achieve new goals, with new incentives. In 2005 a decisive step: I opened my shop, in Vercelli, a crucial point in my career.

You  photograph events, especially weddings throughout Italy, why you chose this kind of photography?

Photography for me is to tell moments of real life: this was the main reason why I chose weddings photos. I have always thought that classic shots are a bit fake, although I tried to get them. I want to convey with my shots the real life, real feelings.

You don’t only take pictures, but you tells stories, capturing emotions. In your website there is also a blog section because, in addition to informing about your services, you like to tell stories  and moments of people’s life, entering for a while in their life as a friend. Where the photo for Love me in Italy spring-summer  was taken?

The photo for Love me in Italy was taken to “Mamaflò” in Ostia (Lazio region), a wedding on the beach, in which the colors of the sky merge with those of the sea, where a simple changing room become the ideal background to allow creativity.

Some oddity about the places and people you photograph. Italy has unique landscapes and sometimes people with different features. What can you tell us about?

From the Piedmont region’s  hills to the lakes of Lombardy, from Liguria gulfs to the bucolic nature of the Marche region. From the colors of the Amalfi Coast to the crystal clear sea of Salento. Italy is one of the places in the world with the most different and unique landscapes. Features always different, which thus become the natural inspiration for each photo. And in addition to the landscapes, the people: every wedding has a story to tell, each person has a past, often affected by the places where he grew up. Being able to combine these two elements is the first step to insert in every shot not only the wedding but also the background in which it takes place, a key part of a complete work.

Thanks to Gabriele. We suggest you an engagement session, with which  you can catch your favourite places of your love and the best moments spent together a few months before the wedding . If you want a souvenir of your love story, or have some photos for the wedding annoucements or for wedding bombonnières, Gabriele is ready to tell your love story.