Love in the time of Coronavirus

Love in the time of Coronavirus

It has been more than a week since Italy has been quarantined. Although it is a difficult and unusual situation, I am very confident about the restrictive measures, and I know that we will make it, we will surely be able to fight coronavirus and go back to our lives soon…

Alone with myself

And then, after all, I can keep myself busy. I don’t mind working from home: I wake up when I want, no annoying coworkers to smile at, I can organize my work without a thousand problems. And I have more time to dedicate to myself: sunbathing in the garden taking advantage of the first warm days, taking long baths with colored salts and foam, baking cakes, reading those books that I had set aside on the nightstand for too long … this, at the moment, is my little bubble in the reality, where there are only me and my cat Trilly.


The only negative note is that I can’t see Francesco, and I miss him so much. We used to see each other for several days a week, go out to eat, travel … next month we had planned a trip around Italy: from Veneto to the beauties of Tuscany, then Rome and finally the crystal clear beaches in Salento, but I’m afraid we’ll have to postpone it. And now for a month we won’t see each other, if not on a Skype call, with the webcam.

Like a romance

But, I have to say, he had a really brilliant idea. I woke up last week, and went outside to hang clothes, but not before checking my mail. Inside I found a pink envelope, addressed to me. I almost never get mail, only bills, promotions or advertisements, so I opened it with great curiosity. Inside, a sheet dated a couple of days earlier, which began with “To my beloved Carola”, and then lines and lines of words and verses of love, and then ended with “Forever yours, Francesco”.

Initially it made me smile, because I would never have expected that from him, and mostly because, we are always in touch with text messages, so I am not used to him using such romantic and even vaguely formal language. But the more I read and the more I got excited, both for his words, but most of all because if love can be seen by small gestures and small thoughts, then he must really love me if he gave me such a surprise.

So far, yet so close

So I went back inside, and on impulse I took pen and paper, and I replied immediately, without thinking, throwing out everything I had inside and all my feelings for him. I went to buy a stamp, and sent it. And then he replied, and I replied again and so on, we will continue until the end of the quarantine. The funny thing is that we obviously continue to hear from each other by message and video calls, but we do not mention our correspondence, as for fear of breaking the magic, as if our letters were a small window detached from the reality, to forget the problems and the missing of each other.

It is true that what we normally take for granted and we may not pay attention to, it becomes indispensable when it’s missing. Needless to say, now my desire to see him again is even stronger, I want to hug him, and never leave him alone again.