Love me in Liguria: Dolceacqua, the village of two souls.

Love me in Liguria: Dolceacqua, the village of two souls.

Fall in love with Liguria. A tour dedicated to couples, to discover the most beautiful places in the region where to live your love.

So it begins the journey of many young couples who are going to discovery Liguria, a wonderful place with green hills overlooking the sea. An unique experience in the name of the romanticism, of the local culinary tradition and of the amazing beauty of places frozen in time. Among unique little villages, small cobblestone roads and colored houses, small harbors on the coast where the light reflects on the sea and local shops of arts and crafts, the main characters of this romantic story cant’ wait to be charmed by a region of such charm, history and culture.

“Let’s go, I’m ready“, you tell me. And I start the car…

Small ancient village of Dolceacqua

«The first stop is Dolceacqua, because you have not been there since that day, long ago, with your father, when you crossed the bridge sitting on his shoulders, and you felt as if you were flying. Wrapped in your grey sweater, you seem to float between the stone houses, endless steps that never die, eternal companions of long narrow roads that run breathlessly towards Castle Doria, ever ascending, ever higher. The fortified bastion, the old dungeons, the large halls with an ancient feel, the two square towers that, like soldiers, guard the gate: the Castle captivates and transports us to a time when the promises of love were as beautiful as you. The terraces of vineyards descend in harmony with the mountain slopes behind, competing with the olive groves just beyond. From above the hill, the houses seem to slide downstream like a lava flow, until the river Nervia suddenly stops their race. But thanks to a curved bridge, they continue courageously to the other side; two worlds united over the waters. The green of
the hills behind our shoulders reflects on your raven black hair, and suddenly you are another coloured brush-stroke of that famous Monet painting, which in Dolceacqua saw the reflection of his art.»