Love me in Liguria: invitation at Terrazza Colombo

Love me in Liguria: invitation at Terrazza Colombo

I’m staring at the computer screen in front of me, and I can’t help snorting. I’m alone in my office since I’m the only one to be back from holidays one day earlier. I straighten my legs under the desk and stretch my neck. I need a coffee to get off to a good start on this cold and gloomy day.

I check my inbox first. I hate when too many unread emails accumulate. I quickly scan the incoming messages and trash most of them. Hold on, and this? It’s an invitation. This year is the 70th anniversary of the company and the celebration will be held at the exclusive Terrazza Colombo.
I smile and slide a little on the chair, slightly tilting the head. I close my eyes. I breathe.

A jump into the past

I’m on the 31st floor of Piacentini Skyscraper and I feel I dominate the whole world. The sea is in front of me. Genoa is behind my back. Pure emotions struggle inside me to emerge. My guests are arriving: they come out of the elevator in their elegant clothes, meanwhile, their cheerful faces appear on the monitors in the hall. It seems the beginning of a romantic film.

The face of my man appears on the screens immediately after: he is eagerly waiting for me. I enter the hall wrapped in the light mauve chiffon of my dress. Everybody is standing there, their eyes are following me. I lay my bouquet down and, finally, my hands are in his hands.

Shivers, smiles, voices’ flickers, tears of joy. It seems that only a few minutes have passed, but the rings are already on our fingers. Finally, we are husband and wife. We kiss. Thunderous, spontaneous applause breaks out. I’m happy.

A banquet overlooking the sea

We move to the South Room for we know a delicious banquet is waiting for us. The elegance of the decorations and the attention to details leave me speechless. The tracks of our playlist are rolling in the background.

It took us months to pick them, and each one represents a piece of us and our love, indeed these songs will accompany us throughout the lunch. First the appetizers, then the first courses, after that the main courses, together with side dishes: the food doesn’t seem to end…  however, I don’t miss a bite of them.
The food is so delicious!

The photographers capture in the meantime every moment, to make it eternal. Their shots will make us live the same emotions again and again, no matter how many years will be gone. Like the pictures that are now on the wide screens of Terrazza Colombo: there it is, the time my brand-new-husband made me the marriage proposal. I still shiver, while seeing him kneeled in front of me.

Twist at sunset

The room changes its color, the landscape catches my attention and everyone stops for admiring the spectacle beyond the windows. The sun has become a burning sphere diving into the water like it’s looking for refreshment. As it plunges, the waters become golden. The Gulf is generous and reflects the precious color all over us.

Thus, inundated by light and heat, we open the dances. My husband and I hug and swing on the notes of a slow romantic song.

The golden beams leave soon the scene to the silver light of the moon. The wedding cake awaits us on the outdoor terrace. Under the clear, therefore starry sky, we cut the cake and toast to our unforgettable day.

Suddenly, rays of light start to gloom in the fountains to the rhythm of the music: a light show begins. The ecstasy explodes, for nobody expected it. A great twist, to end this dream with a bang…

Back to reality

I sit up with a jerk on the chair. Another email, but it’s from the accountant, this time. I get up and finish my coffee by the window. I look at my beloved Genoa, even if I’m on the second floor now instead of being on its top. I smile again. What a wonderful time, the one at Terrazza Colombo.

Ten years have gone since my wedding, and yet it seems it was yesterday. I can’t wait to go again up there for the company party. That location can make every kind of event an exclusive and magical experience. It will be a success, I’m sure.
I go back to the desk. The invitation is still open on my computer screen. “Do you confirm your participation?”
I click “Yes” and that gives me goosebumps.


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Wedding reception at Terrazza Colombo in Genoa

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