Love me in Liguria – Local authority for tourism Giovanni Berrino tell us the beauties of romantic Liguria

Love me in Liguria – Local authority for tourism Giovanni Berrino tell us the beauties of romantic Liguria

It’s always time for love and marriage in Liguria.

We interviewed the local authority for tourism Giovanni Berrino, who chose Love me in Liguria again, through the agency “Agenzia in Liguria”, as technical partner. That meant to promote both the romantic side of the region and the selection of international top wedding planners, who were invited to visit it.

This interview is therefore addressed to the expert who is responsible for the policies and strategies of international promotion of Liguria, and who can explain to us the related data.


Liguria as wedding destination. Can you tell us something about the elements concerning this interesting segment?

“We decided to keep on investing in this segment, because we saw that the statistical data were favorable, moreover, we observed quite an enthusiasm by our entrepreneurs, who have a long and solid experience in the matter of wedding. This market niche is constantly increasing, f.i. Italy boats 1 million 220 thousand presences coming from 25 foreign countries, with and estimated income of 380 million euros. This has recorded a growth of 18% compared to the last year, and in Liguria we registered about 51950 foreign people traveling for weddings, with an increase of 5% and an estimated turnover of 19 million euros.”


Now, after such preliminaries, can you tell us the secret for your success related to “Love&Liguria”, the dream team for the lovers from all over the world? What are the ingredients for the romantic tourism Ligurian style?

“Liguria has an intimate, romantic soul diffused in its villages, its landscapes, its often-hidden treasures, that often leads the lovers to choose it. They appreciate with particular reference the naturalistic and artistic heritages, located both in the small villages by the seaside and in the inland, and in the cities. Worthy of mention is of course the cooking tradition, that can satisfy even the hardest palate to please. Liguria has plenty of romantic settings and each of them represents a unique invitation to travel, to love and to fall in love here. Starting from the smallest villages, guardians of an ancient world.


Among the mostly appreciated elements, the offer for gourmand and the high quality of gastronomy stand out. What is the “must have” in a wedding menu Ligurian style?

“In a Ligurian style menu, whatever the occasion, the “must have” is of course pesto, the institutional sauce of crushed basil, pine nuts, garlic, cheese and olive. But also, seafood and meat dishes belonging to the tradition are often served in the most important occasions. All in all, we advise a union of tastes that well represents the double vocation of Liguria: always between inland and seaside. However, in the specific case of a wedding menu, you cannot forget to offer an appetizer of La Spezia oysters and San Remo red shrimps and, in conclusion, a taste of “baci di Alassio”: two thin waffles hiding a melting heart of chocolate.”


A Love me in Liguria branded marriage can result really original: it allows to orient the whole organization towards the territory. Can you suggest our reader a special party favor, maybe something like artistic crafts made in Liguria?

“In Liguria we have 22 quality manufacturing processes certified by the regional brand “Artigiani in Liguria”. They range over many products: from slate productions, to chocolate making, from the renovation of wooden objects, to the Zoagli velvet. For a party favor I would advise piecing together a necklace in the typical shape of Campoligure, with a small floral composition and some candies manufactured by our excellence chocolate masters.”


The most favorite season for weddings is spring, but in such a region the game is different: the seasons to discover are four, each one with its own peculiarities.

“The uniqueness of Liguria as a perfect romantic and honeymoon destination is our ability in hosting the couples of lovers in every single day of the year. Let’s think about a possible itinerary across the villages of Liguria: it could start from the Ponente inland, between Dolceacqua e Apricale, it could continue to Montaldo Ligure and then reach Alassio, the town of the well-known lovers’ wall. Our tour could move eastwards till reaching Camogli, the city that every year commemorates St Valentine’s Day with a celebration season, given over the lover and their love. Other “must visit” places are Sestri Levante, and its Bay of Silence; Portovenere, and the Byron’s cave; the unique villages of Cinque Terre.”


Let’s play a bit “If it were …, it would be a …” to explore the various possibilities of organizing a wedding in every season in Liguria!

If it were a wedding in winter, it would be… a guided tour through the artistic heritage in Genova.

If it were a wedding in autumn, it would be… a route through the villages in the inland.

If it were a wedding in spring, it would be… a route through the villas and the gardens in the Ponente area, whilst the blooming is at its best.

If it were a wedding in summer, it would be… a romantic escape in one of the five villages of Cinque Terre.


We know well that Love me in Liguria in not only wedding. It’s also everything else for romance: a wedding proposal, a romantic weekend, the celebration of an anniversary. Do you have any piece of advice for surprising and making one’s half breathless? 

“For a once-in-a-life-time occasion, be it a wedding proposal or an anniversary, I would suggest a dinner by candlelight in one of our villages facing the seaside: it’s an immortal classic!”  


What about a little gossip? Can you tell us what famous couples chose Liguria as their favorite romantic destination?

“Liguria is the perfect destination for a loving escape, safe from prying eyes and Ligurian people are well-known for secrecy. Indeed we like to respect the privacy of the many famous couples that want to spend some days by the quiet seaside areas, or in some small villages of our wonderful inland.”


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