Love me in Liguria: Castello Canevaro

Love me in Liguria: Castello Canevaro

«Castello Canevaro is located west of the beach facing the town square of Zoagli. Since the last century, successive owners of the castle, remembering the lesson told by their forefather Raffaele IV Duke of Zoagli, promoter of numerous renovations in the building, have been able to create an atmosphere suspended between the past and the future, making this place the ideal location for events and weddings. For a wedding banquet, certainly the most characteristic setting is the eighteenth-century room called “Guarnigione” on the ground floor, in perfect Genovese style, a tribute to tradition with its elaborate checkerboard floors in slate and marble. The preciousness of the materials is accompanied by the naturalness of the waves of the sea breaking over the rocks.The castle has numerous spaces: the gardens, the bridal suite, the private beach. A perfect place to be lulled by the sound of the sea and the warmth of the sun, in the spirit of love.»

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Wedding in the garden

Castello Canevaro is beautiful for any kind of wedding, but is outside, thanks to the beautiful gardens surrounding it that gives the best of itself. In fact, the reception of the wedding day can be organized in the “Giardino vista Portofino”, which is facing south towards the homonymous lighthouse and illuminated all day long: not by accident, it is flanked by two shaded parts thanks to sea pines and to lecings. In addition to this, the “Baia di Zoagli Garden” deserves special attention because it overlooks the entire coast, giving an extraordinary view, especially in the night. This garden is ideal for moments such as guests’ aperitifs, buffets or the fake cake cutter: here, every wedding will be remembered for the emotions of that day, lived in a charming setting with unforgettable lights and colors.


Contacts: Via Duca Canevaro, 7

16035 Zoagli (Genova)

Tel. +39 0185 250015