Love me in Liguria: Cervo and Camogli

Love me in Liguria: Cervo and Camogli

Cervo, with its coloured houses overlooking the sea. Camogli, concentrated on the limpid waters of the Gulf of Paradise.

«When we arrive in Cervo you finally see the sea again. The coloured houses push and stretch towards the water, anxious to have a little bit of coast all for themselves. A low curved wall tries to keep them on the land, while not far away the subtle tongue of the beach meets bravely with the sea. Behind it, the hills explode with life, trees and lush vegetation that tinge the tail of the town with green, almost to remind it that the sea is not its only lover. Cervo is to discover on foot, without stopping, with the eternal desire to reach the top, to reach the destination. Corallini Square opens before our eyes, yet the breaking of distant waves is all I feel. The façade of the church, all milk white and pink decorations, sits leaning, bent forward as if it were ready to escape. “The curves of the structure helps the acoustics of the square during concerts” you explain to me patiently, but I still think that it, like you, wants to run to meet
the sea.»

Love me in Liguria, Cervo, Camogli

«We arrive in camogli in the late evening, the Golfo Paradiso (Paradise Gulf) an expanse of reflections of lights far away on the dark water. Even in the dark, the row of houses on the coast does not lose its beauty, an eternal rainbow painted on the seashore. They are pastel shades, light as a caress on the walls, yet the overall effect is one of an uncontrolled explosion of colour. Like a difficult interlocking puzzle, each building brings with it a new colour, never the same as its neighbour, always a little different from the previous one: a secret algorithm of shades. The ruins of the Castel Dragone (Dragon Castle) are perched fearlessly on the edge of the Gulf, no fear of the water below, only the desire to be always in the front row at the time of sunset. The green of the woods behind looks down on us from above, while we hungrily search for a restaurant in the narrow streets that characterize this land, like a universal map of alleys and corners laid in the deepest heart of Liguria. We dine sitting outside near a garden and your gaze never loses sight of the horizon of the sea, which almost already feels your absence.»

“Can we come back?” you ask me with your eyes closed before falling asleep, with your thoughts dissolving under the sheets. “Of course, we can come back when you want” I answer, because this is your land, and your body is finally at home.”