Love me in Liguria: glass and filigree

Love me in Liguria: glass and filigree

The Craft of Liguria

Between a romantic walk, a visit to the villa, a cafe on the sea with a kiss of Alassio, for the two young lovers who are doing a tour dedicated to the excellence of this region, it is time to discover the wonders of Ligurian craftsmanship . In particular, the two focus on Altar, the city of glass, noted for the strong presence of glassmasters who expose their “works” in small workshops of the past, and continue looking at the old labs where the watermark is being worked. A unique art in the field of goldsmithing, born from the joint work of craftsmanship, where melting, drawing and welding of gold threads come to create jewelery of great charm.


«Immersed in a verdant plain, the little village of Altar, the “City of Glass”, helps me resolve my dilemmas. Giving you a present has never been an easy task, every object seems a little too common or a bit too special to please your complex desire to be amazed with moderation.Yet, when I see the long profile of a greenish vase at the end of the shelf, even my bones sing your name. Shades of a stormy sea and an infinite neck like the Ligurian coast: a vase that speaks of you.»

Love me in Italy, glass, filigree


«In a time when everyone is in a hurry, the artisan sitting in front of my eyes works slowly with pliers and blowtorch, golden threads that chase perfection in the silence of his shop, hidden in the heart of the Genovese hinterland. Similar to arabesques, embroidered in silver and gold, the works of art that come to life in his hands are the testimony of a piece of history, of a way of life that nowadays is disappearing.“Be careful, they are gifts for the most daring hearts” he reminds me, with a sincere smile.“My love does not care about time” I reply and somehow I understand I have just bought the most beautiful gift.»