Love me in Liguria: kisses of Alassio

Love me in Liguria: kisses of Alassio

«The “Kisses of Alassio” are a bit like you, a tender heart of chocolate pressed between two soft shells: as beautiful inside as out.The dough is the result of the talent of the pastry chef Rinaldo Balzola, who jealously kept the recipe as a precious secret. Still today, the Baci di Alassio are surrounded by the secret of their origins: cocoa, hazelnuts, sugar, honey, egg whites, flour, butter, vanilla, aromas, cream and milk, a wrap of impenetrable sweetness.“Kisses are always secrets” you whispered quietly, but I know exactly what your kisses are made of: love and sun.»

It is a typical culinary specialty of Alassio, the Ligurian town famous for its famous pastries. Thanks to these small delights, Alassio has become part of the “Chocolate Club”. Alassio Kisses are small crunchy chocolate biscuits, held together by a fantastic soft ganache, which melts in the mouth. Perfect for accompanying a full five-season tea or ideals along with a hot American coffee, Alassio’s kisses can also be the protagonists of a sweets buffet.

Love me in Liguria, Kisses of Alassio

If you’re curious and want to try and get them home too, here’s how they are getting ready. The ingredients they serve are:

-70 gr of dark chocolate

-2 albums

-250 gr of hazelnuts

-200 gr of sugar

-70 gr fresh cream

-25 gr of bitter cocoa

-25 gr of honey

-a pinch of salt

Chop the hazelnuts together with the sugar in the mixer and then mix honey and cocoa. Separately, put the snowballs in snow without forgetting a pinch of salt. Add the albumins to the mixture by gently mixing. Pour the dough into a sac-a-few with a large star-shaped nozzle and form a lot of rosellins spaced apart on a plate covered with paper. Cook at 180 ° for about 15 minutes, then let them cool.

Meanwhile, prepare the ganache by blending melting chocolate with dark chocolate and adding cream afterwards. Cook the two ingredients by mixing it flat: the cream will soften and, once soured, you can use it to combine the biscuits with two to two.