Love me in Liguria: taggiasche olives, red shrimp

Love me in Liguria: taggiasche olives, red shrimp

Culinary specialties of Liguria

Liguria is a land that, apart from the sea and the beauty of the places, also boasts a certain culinary tradition. In addition to the famous pesto in Genoa, the region also has oil-producing flowers, which also makes it a special “simple” toast croquette and red prawns. These represent a variety of delicious crustaceans, great to enjoy as an aperitif or a romantic fish dinner.

Taggiasche Olives

«We taste the most characteristic product of the Ligurian Riviera in Taggia, a small medieval town near Imperia.The Taggiasche olives welcome us with their unmistakable black violet colour with hints of brown, veins of dark reflections on the smooth surface. The full-bodied pulp, the fruity and sweetish taste: a pleasure for the eyes, for the taste, for the touch.The extra virgin olive oil, extracted from the olive groves that branch out on this strip of land, is a mainstay of the Mediterranean cuisine.The olive groves, age old plants, grow slowly but inexorably, as an infinite love story. Melted over a slice of bread, the genuine and mature flavour of the oil caresses our palates as a summer breeze.»

Love me in Liguria, olives, oil, red shrimp

Red Shrimp

«You never really liked fish, yet, in this small restaurant with its colourful windows, red shrimp seems to be your new favourite dish. You clear my doubts with a laugh “I’m not surprised, red has always been my favourite colour!” I explain patiently that maybe the irresistible taste of the dish derives more from the fact that it is a precious variety of shellfish, fished exclusively in the waters of Sanremo and Santa Margherita Ligure, where fishing never exceeds 200 tons per year. But you collect the tasty pulp of the shrimp with the fork, and with a serious look you decide that “no, it’s definitely because it’s red”.»