Love me in Liguria: Pesto Genovese

Love me in Liguria: Pesto Genovese
Pesto is undoubtedly one of the cornerstones of Ligurian cuisine. The famous green sauce based on basil, pine nuts, oil and parmesan is known throughout the world and has ancient origins dating back to the 1800’s. Its use is not limited to pasta, but it is also good on potatoes or on bruschetta. If once the pesto was prepared with the “hand” mortar, today it’s enough to use a good mixer to get a more satisfying result, just be careful not to shake too fast so as not to oxidize and insure the leaves of basil.

But how does the famous Pesto Genovese do?

The ingredients they serve are:

-Little leaf small bowl (about 50 grams);

– Extra-virgin olive oil (half a glass);

-Is grated parmesan spoonfuls;

-There are grated pecorino spoons;

– Two cloves of garlic;

– One spoon of pine nuts;

-Salt to taste.

Wash the basil leaves well and let them dry. While, stir the garlic with salt and pine nuts until it reaches a creamy consistency. At this point, add the fresh basil leaves at once, the cheeses to follow and complete with the extravirgin oil poured into flour.

Love me in Liguria, pesto genovese

«“In Liguria the varieties are cultivated in Sarzana, in Savona, in Imperia, in Genova…”. With an enchanted gaze, you listen carefully whilst the waiter tells you the history of Pesto Genovese, with a plate of green coloured pasta under your eyes.
A cold sauce, a genuine flavour the result of a quick preparation, the regal aroma of basil that conquers the palate.The waiter confesses that it was born as a popular alternative to the expensive spices of the Venetian monopoly, and then slowly became a condiment of excellence in Ligurian gastronomy.“An evolution worthy of the most beautiful love stories” you reply, while sipping a glass of white wine, the perfect match.With garlic, basil, pine nuts, pecorino cheese and extra virgin olive oil, Pesto Genovese is an explosion of love wrapped in your fork. And yet, my senses are filled only with you.»