Love me in Liguria: silks and fabrics

Love me in Liguria: silks and fabrics

«Liguria welcomed us with love, but the thought of home remains at the back of
our heart. Pastel walls and mattress still to order: it’s not home yet, but it’s already ours.Among the silks and the fabrics of Lorsica and Zaogli, your eyes light up like the sun.The damask of Lorsica is filled with embroidery: the Napoleonic Bee, the palm and the rose are nestled on a soft blue and ribbed background.The art of velvet made of pure silk lives in Zoagli, colours and shades like a rainbow.“I can already see them” you tell me, feeling the fabric, flowing like running water, with your fingers: future curtains, future sofas, future covers of love.»

love me in Liguria, silks and fabrics

In the Ligurian hinterland, in the province of Genoa, in Val Fontanabuona, rises Lorsica, a small village where today’s ancient art of Damascus, born many years ago, remains active. To realize it are in particular women who, using ancient frames of old, produce handicrafts from the typical drawing in relief from the right and concave on the reverse. Not far from Lorsica, Zoagli is a famous place for weaving velvet and silk. This practice dates back to the sixteenth century and has since become synonymous with great prestige. The artisans of the small Ligurian town specialize in the production of smooth or worked velvets, reaching levels of great refinement. Today there are still two artisan workshops where you can admire the creation of velvet and damask on original 19th century frames.

Love me in Italy silks and fabrics

Liguria boasts a great historical heritage of textile production, and it is impossible not to dream in front of the variety of colors and nuances of silk, the soft, shiny material that in the form of clothing caresses the skin giving it sensuality and sophistication. Or the velvet, which, cut in the form of curtains or carpets, gives elegance and suntuosity inside a home. That’s why Zoak’s pure silk velvets and Lorsica damask fabrics are still considered among the most valuable and expensive fabrics today. Both are distinguished by both high quality technical and specialized machining designed to improve the product more and more to make it unique and unmatched.