Love me in Liguria: slate and ceramics

Love me in Liguria: slate and ceramics

Also known as Lavagna Stone, Slate has an ancient history that has been passed down over the years and today is particularly exploited both in the field of building as well as in the artistic and decorative. If once used to build roof tiles or to decorate Renaissance gates, today there is ample room for furnishing accessories and modern interior design designs, urban style and vintage.


«Val Fontanabuona is the small valley of the slate quarries, the black stone with a thousand lives. One of the materials used in furniture and finishings, slate has a heart of black but it is always open to
a thousand opportunities. Our bedroom is light and clear as a ray of sun, but now you’re convinced, a piece of slate must come back with us. A wall clock almost taller than you, smooth and subtle dishes like those of the top restaurants, whole dark stairways that seem to lead to alien worlds, elegant tables and sombre vases.We’re lost in the maze of slate, without wishing to leave. Whatsmore, slate is the past and the future, it is a sturdiness full of promises: it is the emblematic symbol of our love.»

Love me in Liguria,

The processing of the Ligurian ceramic was born thanks to the strong presence of clayey basins, first to Savona, then to Albisola and finally to Genoa. Between the ‘500s and the’ 600s spreads the art of the majolica and so dominates the cobalt blue in eastern motifs such as lactose plants, insects, birds on vases, bowls and furnishings. From here, then, was introduced the Ancient Savona or White Blue which still today is the most known motif and corresponds to a dark light of the monochrome turquoise.


«Savona, Albisola and Genova.We follow the path of the ceramics of Liguriain search of the perfect wedding gift, of the moment when an object will speak only of love. Shapes with pastel colours and sinuous
lines, polychromes and vivid colours… the ceramic creations appear so varied and personal, but always beautiful. In the end you are conquered by the motif of “Ancient Savona”, a whirlwind of white and turquoise in airy backgrounds of mountains and clouds, among biblical scenes and smiling putti. A unique piece, made of love.»