Love me in Liguria: Villa Lo Zerbino

Love me in Liguria: Villa Lo Zerbino

Villa Lo Zerbino: a beautiful location with large indoor rooms, an immense park, a breathtaking balcony and a fish pond reflecting light games or a firework show creating an idyllic atmosphere for the wedding day.

Villa Lo Zerbino is a historic residence of the ‘600, characterized by frescoes and decorations in neoclassical style, perfectly preserved. Located in the heart of Genoa, the location consists of ten elegant rooms divided into two floors and a spectacular surrounding staircase. Moreover, the presence of a balcony of the façade makes it possible to enjoy a particularly impressive enchanting view. Villa Lo Zerbino’s private park allows you to organize an outdoor event of great scenic impact: Whether it is a wedding, or a cocktail party, or a corporate event, the location also has an in-car parking for guests. Finally, in the evening, the great pond in the center of the park, is the absolute protagonist: in fact, thanks to games of light, water or fireworks, it gives a wonderful and unforgettable atmosphere.

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«Villa lo Zerbino is a 17th century dwelling surrounded by a large park. From the balcony that runs on the entire façade of the building you can admire Genova and the sea. Despite being located in a naturalistic context made of grassy meadows surrounded by a large pool, the Villa is located a stone’s throw from the city. What makes it really special, in addition to the monumental frescoed interiors, is the spectacular atmosphere created by the fountain in the park which, on the occasion of the wedding ceremony,
is animated with plays of light and water, while the garden is illuminated by the reflection of fireworks in the sky, a regal gift to the young married couple. The outdoor party can join the one inside the villa, in the ten elegant halls arranged on the two floors where dancing and fun do not have timetables and you can escape for one night from the reality of daily life.»

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Love me in Liguria