Love me in Liguria: rose syrup and orange flower water

Love me in Liguria: rose syrup and orange flower water

Prepared with lemon sugar and pink petals, rose syrup is a delicious palate infusion that can be consumed hot, to soothe bronchitis in winter or cool, in the summer to get rid of heat.

«We are walking hand in hand through Genova, your slow pace in harmony with the rhythm of the sea not far away.Then suddenly you clutch my arm, and I find myself inside a small shop at the crossroads of the street, all scented candles, fresh linens and cold lights. Standing in the middle of the room, your fingers touch the row of bottles of pink liquid placed on the top shelf.“Explain everything to me” you say to the young shop assistant, and she launches enthusiastically into a long explanation, in a clear voice.“It can be a hot syrup for the winter or cool for the summer, or a soothing and refreshing elixir, useful for treating bronchitis and inflammations.You can even use it to flavour foods or enjoy as an alternative aperitif!” Ecstatic, you clap your hands and buy three bottles: it’s rose syrup. Laughing I take you by the arm “Rose, let’s eat.”»

Love me in Liguria, tradition


The orange blossom distillate is a typical Ligurian specialty used mainly in pastries for sweets and pies.

«We are seated in a small café in the old town centre of Vallebona, surrounded by the summer sunlight. In front of you a piece of cake still intact, that you stubbornly continue to sniff like a truffle dog. Like the diligent schoolgirl you are, you raise your hand to catch the attention of the waiter. He lists all the ingredients of the cake: vanilla, sugar, Chantilly cream, but you keep shaking your head, none of those is the scent you’re looking for. It is finally an elderly lady seated behind us, with a yellow scarf around her wrinkled neck, who reveals the mystery:“It is the aroma of the Orange Blossom Water, which is distilled from the flowers of those orange trees that you see over there, on the side of the valley.” A Ligurian speciality of ancient traditions, revived from the history and traditions of Vallebona to give them again the title of Terra degli Aranci.You smile gratefully, the vivid memory of the citrus scent that lit your childhood days in Liguria still alive behind your eyelids.»